RETHINK the Water You Drink

Although we're in the homestretch of summer and kids are heading back to school, the weather is still quite warm hot in our neck of the woods. We had just visited The Great New York State Fair this past week, and the temperatures were stifling. Seriously, it was pretty brutal! Besides slathering on the sunscreen, we needed to make sure that we were getting our mega doses of water intake to prevent dehydration.

We always do the right thing by recycling, but as we guzzled down each bottle throughout the day I began to realize how much plastic we had accumulated just by keeping hydrated. At home, we use a special filter for our water, so the need for plastic water bottles is pretty slim. Of course during our day trips we sometimes have no choice when we run out of the supply we brought from home. The great thing is, there are companies out there who realize this and have begun taking the initiative to help consumers reduce their carbon footprint by offering alternatives to plastic water bottles. RETHINK Water is one of those companies!

With RETHINK, it's all about taking care of the environment. Rather than using plastic to package their water, they use paperboard, a renewable resource made from harvested trees that actually re-grow naturally. This means that each one of their containers is 100% recyclable and free from harmful chemicals and other impurities that some forms of plastic may leech.

According to RETHINK Water:
It's not about redefining the norm for the sake of redefining the norm. It's about having a mission and creating change. We weigh the costs and benefits and rethink the alternatives.

With all this talk about how neat their environmentally-friendly water containers are, I almost forgot to mention how great the water tastes. You see this is not just another brand of spring water. Instead, their water is reverse osmosis filtrated from community water sources. I actually consulted my husband on this one, because his career makes him very knowledgeable on the subject of water treatment. Simply put (without all of the fancy scientific jargon), it's one of the best ways to get clean drinking water.

Three words to describe RETHINK Water, "crisp, fresh, delicious!" Popping them in the fridge overnight makes them all the more refreshing. What's great is that they're not just available online–you can also find them at Target stores. It's especially nice for me, since I can easily stock up right before our next family trip. This way we can keep hydrated without having to accumulate so much plastic the next time we're out and about.

RETHINK Water is currently running a promotion on Amazon where you can receive 15% off your order of two or more cases. Just use promo code DMK88ANM at checkout to receive your discount!

For more information about RETHINK Water, be sure to check them out on Twitter and Facebook.