The Big Picture Interactive Flip Over Books for Kids: In the Beginning/The Great Flood


Back in July we were introduced to the Little Bible Heroes series from B&H Publishing. This series has a pretty neat feature that I really like–it's a Flip Over Book. Not only do children receive one story in each book, but two. Once the first story is finished, they can flip the book over to reveal a second one. It's such a clever idea to keep those reading activities flowing for the little ones. Just recently we've also been reading another Flip Over Book from the same publisher that actually belongs to the The Big Picture Interactive series. The Big Picture Interactive series is part of the Gospel Project for Kids and their goal is to connect Jesus throughout the stories in the Bible.

What’s better than a favorite Bible story? Two favorite Bible stories! Learn about how God created everything, and then flip the book over and learn about Noah and the flood! These Big Picture Interactive Flip-Over books offer coloring fun as well, so you can make the story your own.

There are actually six Flip Over Books in The Big Picture Interactive series:

  • In the Beginning/The Great Flood
  • Brave Queen Esther/David and the Giant
  • Mighty Miracles/Joseph the Dreamer
  • Jesus Grows Up/Jesus Teaches the People Jesus’
  • Miracles/Finding the Lost
  • The Birth of a King/Jesus Saves His People

We received In the Beginning/The Great Flood which tells the story of creation and Noah's Ark. The story of creation can be a fun read for kids. Learning how it all started is very fascinating for little ones. They get to hear what happened on each day and how we even have a day of rest. Of course, they'll also read about the events surrounding the lives of Adam and Eve. This story always sets a great example as to why it's so important to obey God's word.

Noah's Ark is always a favorite here. You can never have too many books on this story, especially when you have a little one at home. What's not to be intrigued about–a large manmade ark, a great flood, and of course you can't forget the animals. Kids just love them (I know my son sure does). It also offers another good lesson on why we must be obedient to the Lord.

So you can see the overall theme of both stories here, "listening to" and "obeying" what God says. This book offers a great teaching moment for kids. Both stories have a bit of text, which may be a little difficult for a beginning reader. At the same time, the writing style will appeal to both younger and older readers, alike. The illustrations are fun and colorful as they bring both Bible stories to life. Speaking of illustrations, The Big Picture Interactive Flip Over Books offer something a bit different than the others, a little coloring fun. On each page there's an illustration or two that is left completely without color. Children can add their own creativity into the mix, making each story unique and one of a kind.

It is also worth mentioning that B&H Publishing's signature "Parent Connection" feature is included in the beginning of each story. I can't stress how much I really like this addition to the book. It enables parents and children to discuss what they've read in further detail, sort of like a mini Bible study.

We've been enjoying reading both In the Beginning and The Great Flood. The Big Picture Interactive Flip Over Books offer a great way for kids to learn popular stories in the Bible and they're easy to follow along to.  Plus, there's two stories in one, so you really can't beat that!