Being the Best That You Can Be For Your Kids: (un)Natural Mom by Hettie Brittz

I've recently been checking out this new book, (un)Natural Mom, written by parenting expert and author, Hettie Brittz. In the book, Hettie encourages mothers by offering hope and discovery through stories of her own as well as others.

(un)Natural Mom gives you permission to say that mothering doesn't always come naturally to you. Parenting expert and self-proclaimed "unnatural mom" Hettie Brittz helps you. Come find new hope in discovering that every mother has unique gifts. In Christ, the "unnatural" mom becomes the supernatural mom who is just right for her family! Do you feel like you’re the only mom who serves store-bought birthday treats, dreads school plays, and misses the days of going to the bathroom by herself?

Hettie Brittz is a wife, mother, speaker, and author. During her travels with her husband Louis' band, Brittz became fascinated by the various approaches to parenting they encountered around the world. It enlarged her perspective and became the foundation for her first three parenting books: Growing Kids with Character, Growing Kids Through Healthy Authority, and Cultivating Compassionate Discipline. (un)Natural Mom is her first book to be released in the United States.


To be honest, mothering has always come naturally to me. Perhaps it's because I've always wanted to become one and felt tremendously blessed on the day that I did. That doesn't mean I'm a cookie cutter mom by any means, although I do try my best. Take Pinterest for example–what a great website to peruse. There's so much inspiration to check out, but at the same time one can easily get discouraged. So what if your dinner presentations don't look like they belong on the cover of Bon App├ętit? Perhaps you're not crafty or know how to make homemade quilts. Does that make you a bad mother? Of course not!

I remember right before my son's first birthday, I ordered a big beautiful cake for the celebration, but wanted to make him his very own smash cake from scratch. I loved to bake and have made plenty of yummy sweet treats in the past, but I've never gotten overly obsessed with the whole presentation thing. This time it was different, because it was my baby boy's first birthday and I wanted everything to be perfect. We were doing a Harry the Bunny theme and I nearly had a panic attack when his smash cake looked slightly lopsided and my strategically placed iced on carrot drawings, although adorable, didn't quite come out as perfect as I had hoped. My husband thought it looked great, but I beat myself up over the fact that it didn't come out exactly as I had originally pictured in my head. When all was said and done it actually ended up working out. While the cake might not have resembled something that Martha Stewart conjured up in her own kitchen, it was still really cute and my son enjoyed it immensely. We also got some great pictures and video to cherish those moments. I actually felt proud of myself that I tried and my little one enjoyed his birthday–that's what really mattered in the end.

If any of what I just mentioned has struck a cord with you, then you should definitely check out (un)Natural Mom. Hettie Brittz offers a down-to-earth writing style that many mothers and/or caregivers could relate to. As you read, you'll be reminded of how our own culture's standards can sometimes be so unrealistic–adding extra pressure on parents when it's totally unnecessary. At the end of each chapter, you'll also find a series of questions to ponder and reflect on.

My favorite aspect of this book is the information about discovering our own parenting styles. You can take a free Tall Trees profile test online. There are four different profiles, Boxwood, Palm, Pine Tree, and Rose Bush. Each one has a set of unique qualities and traits. Many who take the test also end up falling under more than one profile in certain areas of their life. You can then reference back to the chapters in the book that are very informative, allowing readers to dive further into each of these profiles and gain a better understanding of their personal capabilities, as well their possible challenges.

Of course no book or quiz can tell you what type of parent you are. Honestly, the whole idea is to help each mother embrace her unique traits whatever they may be. Having said that, taking the profile test and reading what each profile description has to say is pretty uncanny and definitely an eye-opener. You may be quite surprised with what you discover.

Becoming a mother is the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me, and I strive to be the best one that I can be for my son. As individuals and as parents, each one of us is unique and this also holds true for our own children. God gave them to us, knowing that we'd personally be the best parent for them. Perhaps the outside world might not label us as a "Supermom," but we are to our own children and that's what truly matters–being the best that you can be for your kids.