Building Faith, Wisdom, and Strength: NIV Bible for Teen Guys


Living in today's world can be quite trying for just about anyone. Teens can especially feel the highs and lows that come with living their everyday life. They are still children in a sense, but on the verge of having adult responsibilities and pressures. Sometimes it's not just pressure coming from those extra responsibilities, but even from their own peers. Fitting in, doing the right thing, staying out of trouble–these are all things we want for our children. We all need the Word of God in our lives, and it's especially important as children get older that they do not lose their way. The NIV Bible for Teen Guys is an amazing tool and guide that can help male teenagers not lose sight of the Lord's will for their life.

The NIV Bible for Teen Guys is designed just for you, a teen guy living in today's world. This Bible explores how the timeless truths of the Bible relate to your life, your decisions, and the things you care about most. Packed with daily readings, highlighted promises of God, challenging insights, smart advice, and open discussion about life today, this is the Bible for today’s teenage guys.

Physically this Bible is really nice and includes a sturdy hardcover with a hip gray and yellow design–a perfect style for young men. The New International Version (NIV) is great, because it offers a more mature translation, but at the same time it's easier to understand than the King James Version.

The NIV Bible for Teen Guys includes handy features such as a Table of Weights and Measures, a Topical Index, and a thorough concordance. There's even an introduction before each book that goes into major details such as what the book is about, who is in it, verses that the reader might recognize, and when the events in it took place.

It doesn't stop there! Since this a Bible specifically designed with the teen male in mind, there are some awesome additions to better enhance their reading and study experience. One of my favorites is the inclusion of a Men of the Bible Index. Men are going to relate well to the lives and tales of other men. That is what really makes this feature extra special. Teen males can read additional sections that provide detailed character profiles of important male figures in the Bible such as David, Elijah, Matthew, Moses, Paul and many, many more.

Another wonderful thing about this Bible is that it also includes a devotional within. There are roughly a year's worth of anointed daily readings specifically catered to teen men, written by some of the most popular male Christian authors out there such as Max Lucado, Kyle Idleman, Mark Hall and many more!

Although my own son has a long way from being a teen (and I'm not going to rush things), I want him to be prepared for whatever life throws his way when that time does come. I know that the NIV Bible for Teen Guys is going to be an amazing tool for his continuous walk with the Lord and it's going to help him during those times when he needs a little extra guidance to help get him through. If you have a teenage son, grandson or nephew, this is a Bible that you'll definitely want to consider picking up for them.