Answers to the Most Important Questions About the End Times by Dr. John Hart

There are many fascinating things to learn when reading the Bible. Revelation is just one book that I've always been intrigued with. Since it is written as a prophecy of what's to come on this Earth, I've always felt that it was an equally important book that shouldn't be left out of a Bible study. Of course trying to decipher the words throughout can often be difficult. There are many different interpretations out there, which makes everything seem like an even bigger mystery. I, myself, have formed my own personal opinions on what some of the passages mean. Even so, I'm always interested in what others have to say and the input they share from their own perspective. Answers to the Most Important Questions About the End Times is a new book written by Dr. John Hart. It provides a lot of insight to some of the major questions that others may have about the Book of Revelation.

The end times can be confusing, or even troubling, as we struggle to understand such things as when Christ is coming back, who the Antichrist will be, when the tribulation will occur, and how to interpret biblical prophecy. If you are curious, confused, or fearful about any of these things--this book is for you. Dr. John Hart clearly and respectfully offers easy-to-understand answers, letting you know exactly what God's Word says--as well as what it doesn't say--about the end times. This slender volume answers the most frequently asked questions, then explores how those answers affect you, your family, and your friends.

Dr. John Hart (ThM, Dallas Theological Seminary; ThD, Grace Theological Seminary) is Professor of Bible at Moody Bible Institute, the author of 50 Things You Need to Know About Heaven, and edited and contributed to Evidence for the Rapture. Dr. Hart lives in Indiana.

Reading through the Book of Revelation can bring about a multitude of different feelings, confusion, fear, anxiety, and even joy at the thought of Jesus' second coming. It isn't necessarily written in a straightforward way. There is a lot of symbolism throughout, so it's often difficult to tell what should be taken literally. Dr. John Hart does a nice job at breaking down different sections of Revelation. He goes into specific detail and advises on the best way to go about deciphering the words that are written. One of the ways that he accomplishes this is by referring back to previous books in the Bible to help put the puzzle pieces together.

I especially enjoyed reading the last chapter where he provides his point of view regarding the final judgment mentioned in Revelation 20. It really resonated with me, because he offers a perspective different than then the popular belief that one judgment will be placed for everyone at the same time. In this chapter, he discusses the difference between the white throne judgment for unbelievers, and gives scripture examples as to why this judgment is not the same one that believers will actually receive when they die. He explains how believers will go immediately to the presence of our Savior to receive their judgment, rather than waiting. He provides further explanation on those the judgment written about in Revelation 20 is not to determine whether an unbeliever is worthy to go to heaven, but instead to prove as to why they aren't.

Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe stands condemned already because they have not believed in the name of God’s one and only Son.–John 3:18

If you are new to studying Revelation and/or just beginning to read it, then you will probably find this book quite helpful, since it does dive into major details with a lot of examples. I have been trying to form my own opinions on it for many, many years, so there wasn't a lot of information in this book that I didn't already know and a couple things that I even disagreed with. Other ideas remained on the more neutral side when I would have hoped more specifics would have been given. Of course since the Book of Revelation is a big mystery, it is really hard to say if any of us can fully understand it to it's full capacity. Having said that, Dr. Hart does do a fine job at forming answers to some of the most frequently asked question about what is written. I always appreciate hearing the thoughts and opinions from others who have studied up on the topic, and especially enjoyed reading his interpretation of the Rapture. I would definitely suggest giving Answers to the Most Important Questions About the End Times a read to form your own opinions. 

And remember this about the Lord's second coming:

But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.Matthew 24:36