Heading Back to School with Fun Activities from Parragon Books

Summer is now coming to a close and school is officially back in session. After a couple months of warm weather activities, many children may find it difficult to get back into the swing of things, so why not help ease the transition by giving them fun activities at home that will keep them engaged and set them on track for the new school year ahead! 

Parragon Books has put together a great set of recommendations to get those brains all warmed up for a new season of learning. Plus after a long day of school work, these products will add tons of fun to the mix!

Step back in time to when dinosaurs roamed the Earth in this Craft Factory stencil activity. Simply grab a piece of paper and place it between the handy drawing surface and a stencil page. Then trace and color to add your own art to these dinosaur scenes!

The study of paleontology can be a really fascinating subject for kids to learn. My son enjoys checking out books with dinosaurs and the Craft Factory Dinosaur Adventure makes learning all the more fun, since it's an actual stencil book. Children get to draw various dinosaur species and add in their own personal creativity by coloring them in. Additional commentary on each page gives kids a small suggestion, question, or fact to ponder. This book comes with seven punched stencils and gatefold backing all make out of paperboard.

Join the Disney Pixar pals in this jumbo coloring book--more than 300 pages! This awesome coloring book features the Emotions from Inside Out, Marlin and Dory, Mike Wazowski and Sulley, Arlo and Spot, Woody and Buzz, and many more! It also includes over forty stickers and a code for a free digital storybook!

There's no shortage of love for Disney Pixar movies in this house. In fact, my son is a huge Nemo and Dory fan (must come from his mom's love for marine life). The Disney Pixar Lots to Discover book comes with 320 pages of coloring fun from popular movies such as Finding Nemo, The Good Dinosaur, Inside Out, Cars, The Incredibles, and Monsters, Inc. We don't usually go for the whole monster theme that is the craze these days, but I do make Monster's Inc. the exception, because it is such a cute movie, and my son really gets a kick out of Mike Wazowski. This is an all around great coloring book for the kiddos and it even comes with two full color pages of Disney Pixar character themed stickers. What kid doesn't love stickers, am I right?

A fantastically fiendish collection of over 150 brain-teasing puzzles and riddles from the one and only Professor Murphy! Features an elastic closure to keep the book safe. Answer key included.

Puzzles and riddles are super fun and this book includes over 150 of them. Some are easy, while others offer more of a challenge, but all of them will definitely get the kiddos all warmed up for a successful school year by allowing them to put on their thinking caps! Even as an adult, I had a lot of giving some of these a try!

Here's one to leave you with right from the book: 

If you drop me I am sure to crack, but smile at me, and I will smile back. What am I?

Stumped? Keep posted for the answer, below.

Color and complete lots of fun activities with your favorite characters from the Disney hit movie Frozen! Count snowballs with Olaf, match the patterns in Anna's and Elsa's dresses, spot the odd Sven out, and lots more! Includes 4 jumbo crayons, more than 30 stickers, and 48 pages of coloring, mazes, dot-to-dots, games, and more. Includes an online code for a free Disney digital storybook.

I know we have some Frozen fans out there and this one's for you. Complete with tons of activities and coloring pages, little Frozen lovers are sure to enjoy this one, which also gives a summarized storybook version of the movie. This coloring/activity book also comes complete with four jumbo crayons and a full page of colored stickers. There's even an answer key in the back in case your child gets stumped on an activity. 

Start Little, Learn BIG with this wipe-clean, dot-to-dot activity book! Inventive prompts will inspire your child to complete the fun connect-the-dot pictures, while learning educational concepts such as counting, matching and opposites. Plus, the wipe-clean format means your little one can enjoy this activity book again and again! Comes with detachable wipe-clean pen.

This is the perfect activity book for younger children. Doing connect-the-dot activities is a great way for little ones to practice their hand-eye coordination skills, plus it's cool seeing the final picture come together. Lots of Dots for Little Hands contains 25 pages of connect-the-dots fun (24 standard pages and one gatefold pull out). The really neat thing about this activity book is that the pages actually wipe clean, almost like a dry erase board. There's even a handy marker pen that comes with it. This is such a great feature for those who are still learning this type of activity (like my own little one), because it gives them unlimited chances to start all over with a clean page.

Take a journey through space and learn all about the universe with this awesome 4-in-1 activity pack! This awesome pack comes with an Incredible Space activity book, a double-sided poster to color, a 54-piece puzzle you can color when you are finished and four double-sided coloring pencils.

Astronomy is another fun subject that I've recently been introducing my son to. Since he's still very young, we stick to the basics. He enjoys naming off the sun, moon and stars when we're outside. We also refer back a little cheat sheet that I had previously laminated, which includes all of the planets in our solar system. This Factivity Space 4-in-1 Activity Pack is pretty awesome, because it combines the fascinating subject of astronomy with fun activities for kids to enjoy. Everything comes in a neat box that even sports a plastic handle for easy carrying. Inside you'll fine 4 double-sided color pencils (8 different colors), a puzzle, a poster, and a booklet. The booklet includes tons of space facts to learn, along with various drawing and coloring activities. Both the poster and the puzzle are doubled-sided. One side offers a nice space themed drawing. The opposite sides are left completely white, so children can add their own creative touch by coloring them in.

This group of learning activities for kids is so much fun, it's difficult to really choose a favorite, because they're all equally enjoyable!

For more information about the Parragon Books line of children's books and learning activities, be sure to visit them online and on social media.

Oh, I almost forgot to share the answer to the riddle that I had mentioned above!

If you drop me I am sure to crack, but smile at me, and I will smile back. What am I?

A mirror!