SafetyTat Personalized ID Solutions for Children Review + GIVEAWAY {TWO WINNERS}

It's beginning to feel a little more like fall each day around here. The angle of the sun's rays are starting to hit my windows differently, and there is a certain breeze in the air that the change of season brings in. Then again on some days the weather can be a bit unpredictable to say the least. Take the other day for example, earlier in the morning it was in the 50's and later on it rose to the upper 80's. Whether you're grabbing in those last days of warm weather activities or are looking to get a head start on the autumn harvest events, being out and about with little ones can sometimes take a bit of planning.

With a toddler, I'm always over prepping for our outings. Even so, there is still that little bit of stress that comes with attending events where a large crowd will be present. He's a little guy and although he knows to hold mommy or daddy's hand, he is still a toddler testing the limits. This means he may get a little brave from time to time and let go.

I was at the my local Walmart a few weeks back and heard an announcement over the PA system about a missing two year old in the store. My mommy instincts immediately went into full gear. Even though I didn't personally know the parent, I told my husband that we needed to make our own search party to help find her. I sure would want someone to so the same thing if it were me. Luckily, her mother found her a few minutes later and she was obviously frantic about the whole ordeal. I can't say that I blame her! Some folks may be quick to judge in situations like this, but in all reality this can happen to anyone, even the most cautious of parents.

I make it a priority to watch my son like a hawk and pray that we never get separated while out, but it's always important to have some reinforcements ready just in case. That's what I really like about the products that SafetyTat offers!

The idea for SafetyTat temporary child ID tattoos was born of necessity one weekend at an amusement park. On Labor Day Weekend, Baltimore Mom, Michele Welsh and her husband, there with their three small children, felt out-numbered. To stave her panic, she quickly wrote her mobile phone number on each of their arms with a ballpoint pen. As she did this, she thoughtfully explained to each of them the importance of staying close to Mommy and Daddy. She also told them that if they were separated that the number on their arm was a way to reconnect with them. Throughout the day of fun, Michele had to rewrite the number several times as it smeared or washed off. Several parents in the park stopped her to ask if that was her number on the kids’ arms. Each time, they loved the idea. The day was a success and the idea for SafetyTat temporary child id tattoos was born.

Long are the days of putting ink on your child's arm (totally not safe) or writing on their clothes tag. SafetyTat has a whole line of products to ensure peace of mind for the safety of your children and even their belongings.

These Quick Stick Write-On Tats are fabulous! I like that they're very reminiscent of a sticker rather then a temporary tattoo that you would normally apply with water. These are made of hypoallergenic (latex-free), non-toxic medical grade adhesive. They go on very similar to a bandage. All you have to do is make sure you child' skin is clean and free of any lotions, etc. The pack even comes with some prepackaged alcohol towelettes to help you do this. Carefully peel the Tat from the protective sheet and press it firmly onto your child's skin (arm, etc.) for about 20 seconds. Remove the top protective layer and write your phone number with the included pen and voila...instant identification and peace of mind!

Whether we're attending parks, fairs, or festivals these sure do come in handy! Once they go on the skin, they stay for quite some time, too (up to two weeks). Plus, they're completely waterproof, so they're perfect for the beach, lake, and water parks.

Because this a product for children, the Quick Stick Write-On Tats also have quite a few adorable designs that you can choose from. My son absolutely adores sea creatures, so I chose the Ocean pack:

This adorable Dinosaur set would have been my second choice:

The company even has a extensive collection of medical and allergy SafetyTat products:

You know what else comes in handy...being able to label your children's stuff! It can happen when you least expect it. Your child is holding a toy, gets distracted by something else, and drops it. A hat may blow away or a bag might be left on the bench where you were last sitting. That's what I really like about these Anywhere Labels. They're stickers that arrive fully customized with your child's name and phone number already printed on them.

The Anywhere Labels come in about 13 different simple logo designs. You could also order them without a logo. I wish they had more designs to choose from like their Write-On Tats, but I did like this baseball themed logo, so we went with that.

I received a Camp Combo that includes 16 large labels, 26 small labels, and 3 metal tags for all of our labeling needs. You also get your choice of two colors in this pack. I chose blue and green for my son's set.

These are great for clothes, shoes, book bags, lunch containers, toys, electronics, or just about anything else. Since they're also waterproof, they are completely machine washable and dishwasher safe (with the exception of the metal tags). Honestly, these would come in handy for an adult, too, especially at work or the gym. One thing that really sticks out for me is how durable they are. I gave one of the stickers a good pull and it didn't even tear or rip.

The metal tags are really neat, because they come with a ball chain that allows me to attach them to bag handles:

I cannot stress how happy I am with both of these products. The Quick Stick Write-On Tats are an all round brilliant invention that I recommend to parents and caregivers of young children. The Anywhere Labels are also perfect for protecting their belongings.

For more information about the complete collection of SafetyTat products, be sure to connect with them on social media!

Now for the fun part! Enter for your chance to win a Quick Stick Write-On Tats 6-pk (winner's choice of design). I'll be picking TWO WINNERS for this giveaway (Both US and Canada residents welcome to enter). 

Good luck and thank you for entering!


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