Warfare Praying: Biblical Strategies for Overcoming the Adversary by Mark Bubeck


As a Christian, praying is something I do everyday. Whether it's in the morning, at mealtime, or right before bed, getting in that extra one on one time with God to give praise, confess, or express my heart's concerns is a great way to get closer to Him. Of course there may come a time in every Christian's life when they need to suit up in the whole armor of God and learn to defend themselves against spiritual warfare. I've been reading Mark Bubeck's Warfare Praying that offers a wealth of information on the subject.

In this follow-up to his bestselling book The Adversary, Mark Bubeck combines pastoral heart, biblical wisdom, and many personal stories for a compelling guide to walking in spiritual triumph. An “old warrior” of prayer, Bubeck shares his time-tested tactics for victory with a sincere desire for your spiritual welfare.

Mark Bubeck is the founder and president emeritus of ICBC, Inc., now Deeper Walk International. He graduated from Moody Bible Institute and received his D.Min. degree from Talbot Theological Seminary and a diploma in Theology from Denver Conservative Baptist Seminary. A pastor for more than 40 years, Dr. Bubeck is author of The Adversary, Overcoming the Adversary, The Rise of Fallen Angels, and Raising Lambs Among Wolves, now updated and re-published as The Adversary at Home.

I have yet to read Bubeck's previous book, The Adversary, but I can say that it's not a prerequisite for reading his new Warfare Praying. Even though it is labeled as a follow-up, there is a lot of helpful information right here as the author provides wisdom and even personal stories to offer readers hope and encouragement to stand against spiritual attacks.

The book itself is very well organized and can be easily used as a reference guide to go back and forth when needed. There are four main sections:

  • Part 1: The Supremacy of Christ
  • Part 2: The Work of the Holy Spirit
  • Part 3: The Whole Armor of God
  • Part 4: The Weapon of Prayer

Throughout each of those four sections there are subtopics (chapters) such as Keeping a Sovereign Perspective, The Belt of Truth, Protecting the Mind, Invincible Prayer in Action, etc. At the end of each chapter there is a closing prayer that connects what was just read (for ex: Praying for Victory, A Prayer for the Spirit's Filling, A Prayer to Take Up the Shield, etc.).

...The effective prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much. 

My favorite section was Part 2, which discusses how to be filled with the Holy Spirit when praying. The author goes into great detail on what this means and the many benefits of the Spirit's filling, inward, upward, and outward. Another feature that I really enjoyed are the extra prayers included in this book. I already mentioned the prayers after each chapter, but there is also an entire section in the back of the book that is nothing, but prayers. This section is not meant to replace everyday prayers from the heart, but instead teaches believers the importance of also praying doctrinal truth, so that they're better equipped with the Word of God. 

"There's is no substitute for persistence, steady, consistent, application of God's Word against Satan"

Warfare Praying is an amazing tool to help develop one's spiritual well-being. It offers tons of helpful advice on living out our union with Jesus Christ and even how to aid others in their battle to stand strong in their own Christian faith. The information provided in this book is a well-rounded and informative approach to triumphing in the spiritual realm. After all, as one of my favorite quotes from the book mentions, "Great prayers get answers."