Alphabet Reading Fun with ABC Questions by Christine Cruz

We began teaching our son the ABC's back before he was a year old. Fast forward to today, and he's become quite the little pro at it. He especially enjoys associating letters with various objects around the house and outside. We always make a fun game of it, so it gives him an extra boost in his overall vocabulary. Lately, we've been reading a new book by Christine Cruz called ABC Questions, which offers a fun take on learning and studying the alphabet.

The story follows around a four year old girl named Beverly. She has just started school and her very first lesson is all about the alphabet. You know how it is when children learn something new especially at that age–they become inquisitive and want to know even more. Beverly has a ton of questions about the alphabet and she wants to know if the reader can help answer some of them.

ABC Questions includes illustrations done by Jason Buhagiar that are both colorful and fun. I also like the author's approach to sharing the ABC's with little ones. Rather than simply stating a letter and various words that begin with it, she incorporates each one into the storyline.The letters are actually highlighted throughout the sentences with various colors, so children can point out each one. At the same time they can recite words that begin with each of those letters. In the beginning, Beverly asks us if we've ever seen an "Alligator try to Balance a Cup" (A for alligator, B for balance, and C for cup). While we're reading, I sometimes like to throw in a little color trivia, asking my son to also tell me the color of each letter.

Another fun thing I do is exaggerate my voice to emphasize all the silly scenarios throughout the book. This definitely brings on the giggles! The writing reminds me a lot of Dr. Seuss' Oh the Thinks You Can Think, which is one that we always enjoy reading. Little Beverly has quite the imagination to think of some very interesting circumstances. My son especially gets a kick out of this giraffe trying to hide in an igloo:

Christine Cruz was actually inspired to write this book as a way to teach her youngest child to learn the alphabet. She wanted to create something that would keep him interested and it worked! Adding a little silliness into any learning experience can make it tons of fun! Whether your little one is an ace at his or her ABC's or is just beginning to learn them, ABC Questions is a darling little book that they'll enjoy.

The author is also coming out with a new book next spring, which I'm also adding to our wish list. It's called My Grandmother’s a Superhero. Now if that doesn't sound cool, then I don't know what does!