The Bible in One Hour & Pocket Bible Trivia by Stan Campbell


Reading the Bible in it's entirely isn't necessarily an easy feat, especially if you have a million other things going on. Now don't get me wrong, God always comes first. Utilizing Bible study plans are always helpful in getting you on the right track. Recently, I had the opportunity to read a new book that offers a twist on learning the Bible. Author Stan Campbell, created The Bible in One Hour & Pocket Bible Trivia, which has actually become a handy resource to outline the major people and events in Biblical history.

What if you could learn more about the entire Bible and its most fascinating people in just an hour? You can in this quick-yet-comprehensive survey of the world's bestselling book. From Genesis to Revelation, the ONE-HOUR BIBLE will sweep you from the wonders of the Earth's first days to the dynamic prophecies of the Earth's last days--and everything in between! No matter whether this is your first introduction to the stories in the Bible or simply a refresher, you'll enjoy the fun approach of this user-friendly guide and gain a greater understanding of God's love along the way.

When you've finished the ONE-HOUR BIBLE, POCKET BIBLE TRIVIA will help you test what you've learned on your own or with friends. Fun for all ages and those with any level of biblical knowledge, these twenty-one chapters with over 400 questions will challenge and entertain you. And this portable volume can be taken anywhere you go.

Stan Campbell is a writer with more than twenty years of experience in youth ministry and fifteen years in Christian publishing. He is the author of numerous books and curriculum products for both youth and adults. He and his wife Kathy live in the Nashville area.

The Bible in One Hour & Pocket Bible Trivia is really neat, since it includes two books in one. Those who have been reading my blog lately, may recall several children's books with the very same cool feature. This particular book is actually compact in size, so not only do you receive two books in one, but it's small enough that you can tote it around wherever you go. For me, it fits right in my purse.

I have to be honest that it took me more than an hour to read it, but that's because I sometimes have to break my reading time into spurts, due to other things going on. Having said that, there is no question in my mind that this can easily be read in one hour. It isn't very lengthy–I was almost skeptical that so much information could be compressed into such a small amount of pages.  It's actually quite impressive how the author was able to give a quick run down (paraphrased) of the Bible in such a way that you can actually learn it in its entirely. Since there is a vast size difference between this book and the actual Bible, little tidbits are still left out here and there. At the same time, you really do take in a fully accurate summarized version of it.

After I was done reading The Bible in One Hour, I was able to flip the book over and test my knowledge of what I'd just read. I really enjoyed this, because it's always nice to brush up on my Bible knowledge. I always remember the stories and events, but a lot of places and names can be a bit overwhelming to remember. God had even changed the names of some very important figures back in those times. There's always a lot to learn, no matter how many times you go over a Bible story. I love that there's some pretty extensive trivia questions included in this book. You could even make a game out of it with family and friends. Of course, I think it goes without saying that this could also be a handy resource for older children and teens, especially for homeschooling.

No other book could ever replace the Bible. There's nothing like taking in God's word right from the source. All the same, reading books like The Bible in One Hour & Pocket Bible Trivia are a great way to learn Biblical history when you are pressed for time throughout the week. It also serves as a great refresher if you've already read the entire Bible.