Dream Frenz: Cuddly Plush Pillow Pals for Kids

With a toddler at home, we sure have our fair share of toys around. Plush toys are a big thing with my son, he just loves snuggling up with them. Lately, we've come across a new plush toy that he has taken quite a liking to. His name is Ben and he's part of the fun characters from the Dream Frenz collection. What's neat about Ben (who we've also come to know as "Benny") is that he's a pillow and plush toy all in one. The pillow part is his head and tucked away inside, is his tiny little plush body.

So you have a big pillow head:

...and a teeny, tiny body!

I love hearing about mom-based businesses that were inspired by children! Here's how Dream Frenz came to be:

Dream Frenz began in the imagination of a young girl, the oldest of three sisters. She always drew characters with big round heads and tiny bodies (tadpole drawings). One of these sketches is featured above. These drawings inspired her mom to produce a round decorative pillow which became the "head" with a small body that tucks inside. Luckily, the middle sister was taking sewing lessons with a talented instructor who sewed the original Dream Frenz prototypes. One of these prototypes is also featured here. The youngest sister happily contributed by playing with and approving all the Dream Frenz.

They're also a charitable company, which is always nice to hear:
Every year, Dream Frenz will be donated to benefit children who are facing adversity, be it health, economic or otherwise. Each and every purchase of Dream Frenz will help fund that support.

I initially came across Dream Frenz on Twitter and instantly knew it was something my son would enjoy. The hard part was picking which one to get him. Ever since he received Ben, he's been tagging him along wherever he goes, giving his other plush pals a rest.

Dream Frenz come in nine different designs that are all equally adorable and would make just about anyone smile. There's even a line of sports and heroes characters currently in development.  My second choice would have been this nifty little sunny guy named Sol:

My son is all about having a snuggle buddy (or two, three, four, five...your get the gist) at night. Ben has become quite the bedtime pal, too. With his soft pillow head, he's perfect for those sleepy time moments. I was actually really impressed with the pillow portion, which is about five inches thick. The outer make-up is also made with high-quality, durable materials–perfect for a lot of big, strong hugs and squeezes! With a low tech design that doesn't require flashy lights or sounds, it enables a child's imagination to run free with possibilities.

Did I forget to mention how comfortable he is? I just may have to pick one up for myself!

Now I do have to be honest, we did run into a little snafu with the way Ben's body is attached to his head. The design involves an elastic band that's stitched on both portions of the toy. My mommy instincts went into high gear when I saw the elastic. It wouldn't have been my top choice of ways to attach the body to the head. I have a very inquisitive toddler who enjoys testing the capability of things, and I knew he would take a interest in that elastic. I finally decided to stop being so paranoid for once, and sure enough a few days later it happened–I turned my head for two seconds and heard a snap, followed by a cry. He pulled the elastic so hard it somehow snapped back and hit his nose giving him a small cut. It was a tough moment for my little guy, but he's perfectly fine. After that happened, I decided to cut the elastic completely off and will be sewing a short piece of matching cloth to reattach Ben's head to his body. Perhaps the company may revise that aspect about the toy and do something similar.

Older children will probably not encounter such an issue like this since they'll know better, but much younger children can be more daring (testing the limits), so I thought it was important to mention.  Having said that, our little incident would not prevent me from buying another one for my son or giving it as a gift. I would just take further precautions next time to ensure the same thing doesn't happen. Ben (AKA "Benny") as a pillow alone is enough to brighten my son's day. I mean he really adores this little guy and won't let him go.

With Christmas just around the corner, Dream Frenz would make a wonderful gift! You really can't beat the functionality of a toy and pillow in one (great for traveling, too). Plus, they're soft, cuddly, and have totally unique designs that are delightful for both boys and girls.

Be sure to connect with Dream Frenz online. Also, if you're interested in picking up Dream Frenz for the kiddos in your life, you can find them at Walmart.com