Kids Backseat Car Organizer {Perfect for Upcoming Holiday Road Trips}

There's always an uptick in travel throughout this time of year, especially with holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas right around the corner. If you have children then you know all too well how important it is to be prepared, especially for long road trips. My son loves being in the car and gets a kick out of watching all of the other cars on the road. Of course, I always make sure to take along a few reinforcements to keep him occupied just in case he does get bored. Having a children's travel activity center, like this one from My Specialty Kids Shop, is a really great way to keep the kiddos entertained while on the go!

Based out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Susan O'Connor and Martha Pimpao partnered together to create My Specialty Kids Shop. Their mission is to make "quality, functional, kids accessories for busy Moms who want nothing but the best!"

Now I have to first say that this is really considered to be a Kids Backseat Car Organizer, but I personally call it a travel activity center. Not only does it keep kid's items organized, but it also turns into an area where they can do a variety of activities while on the go. It simply attaches right to the head rest in the back of the driver or passenger seat using a simple plastic clip. 


When not in use, it actually turns into a nifty carrying case. You really can't get any more portable than that! The organizer includes two large zippers to keep contents securely inside. Once it's all closed up, it looks like a mini suitcase. The strap that secures the organizer to the headrest when open, can be used as a handle. There's also an adjustable carrying strap so kids can just throw it right over their shoulder. Plus, it's super lightweight, so they'll have no problem toting it around wherever they go.

There are four mesh pockets included to store away small items like crayons, pencils, pens, flash cards, and toys. I am all about multiple compartments to store things–these are my favorite, because they can keep my son's smaller items organized and in place. The tray is made with 3mm cardboard, is extremely sturdy, and won't bend. This is a nice feature that offers a flat surface to keep little ones busy with writing activities, coloring, reading, and even pretend play with toys. There's even an elastic strap to hold a book or paper down, so it doesn't shift while in motion. Another neat addition to this car organizer is that it also serves as a tablet holder. If your child would prefer to watch a movie in the car, just pull up the tray, zip it closed, and voila! 

This organizer even sports a collection of bright colors that are fun!

The organizer is comprised of a very strong polyester material, similar to what you would see in an adult laptop holder. It's so durable–I tested it out giving it a good tug here and there, and the material never even pulled a thread. It's also easy to clean just in case anything spills on it. Just use a damp cloth and you're good to go. The only thing that I need to note is that it can't be used with a traditional convertible car seat. Since my son is still in one, he couldn't use this while in transit. It'll definitely come in handy when he graduates to a booster seat, so until then we are using it as a travel carrying case for his art supplies. 

  We don't currently use an electronic tablet, but we've found it equally 
useful with my son's toy version.

This Kids Backseat Car Organizer from My Specialty Kids Shop is another one to add to my list of cool kids products. Whether you're planning a big road trip or just doing a lot of small day trips, this is something that will keep the kids organized and entertained. With the holidays coming up, it'll also make a nice gift!

Photo: My Specialty Kids Shop