Keep Little Ones Cozy and Warm with a Mini Mumu Wearable Blanket + GIVEAWAY

When it comes to relaxing or "sleepy time", my son is crazy about his blankets! While tucking him in, he always gets so excited as we go through the ol' snuggle up routine, which involves me bundling him up like a little burrito. Of course as the night goes on, those covers slowly drift down to the bottom of the bed. I'm always worried about him getting cold in the middle of the night, so I constantly check in on him, covering him back up. I really like sleep sacks, they're a great alternative to traditional blankets. We've been using them since my son was an infant, and I've even reviewed some of them right here on my blog.


Of course, as my son gets older, even a toddler sleep sack isn't always practical. I want him to be able to get up and out of bed without tripping. This means his legs and feet have to be free to do this. I've recently been introduced to a really neat infant and toddler product, called Mini Mumu. It's a wearable blanket, but offers a little something different than your traditional sleep sack, since it actually remains open at the bottom. This gives your little one the warmth and comfort of a blanket that can't be kicked off in the middle of the night. It also leaves their legs and feet free, allowing them to get up and walk around if need be.

Photos: Mini Mumu

It's never too late to follow your dreams. That's what Margaret kept telling herself even after becoming a mom. She realized the wearable blankets she bought were not very suitable for her daughter because they did not have an opening at the bottom. Without the opening, it was too restrictive and uncomfortable. She decided to design her own blankets hoping to make one that matches her vision. After a year of much sleep deprivation, her dream came true and Mini Mumu was born. We believe a baby's wearable blanket needs to be safe, comfortable and stylish at the same time. We plan to launch new designs and products in the near future. 

Mini Mumu offers adorable designs for both boys and girls:

 Photos: Mini Mumu

We are a household that enjoys a good nautical theme, plus we were once a Navy family, so when I saw this fantastic design that comes with little blue and gray anchors all over it, I knew we just had to get it!

The Mini Mumu comes in two sizes, small and medium. Small is suitable for children, six to eighteen months (15 to 27 lbs. / 24" to 29" ht.). Medium is for toddlers, eighteen months to three years old (27 to 36 lbs. / 29" to 39" ht.). Of course, this will vary depending on each individual child. 

Since the weather is getting colder, even during the daytime hours, the Mini Mumu is also nice for just hanging around the house. It's open bottom design promotes mobility, which is perfect for both crawlers and walkers. My son can keep snuggly warm while playing and being active, without feeling as though he's restricted. 

The inside has a soft quilted layer that offers extra warmth. There are snap buttons at the top of one shoulder area and on both sides of the body areas. This makes putting the Mini Mumu on and taking it off, hassle free, and can even be helpful for children who are beginning to dress themselves. I really like that each snap is made out of plastic. This is a much safer option than metal snaps. Whether you have a little one in diapers or if they're already going on the potty, the footless feature also adds extra convenience for those middle of the night bathroom moments. It's also machine washable for easy cleaning.

We are absolutely loving my son's Mini Mumu. Sleep sacks and wearable blankets are some of the best baby inventions out there. I can't stress how important they are, especially for the safety of infants who shouldn't use traditional blankets. We relied on them a lot when my son was younger. The footless feature is also great, because it still offers little ones that extra flexibility for tummy time, sitting up, crawling, and eventually walking. The larger (medium) size for toddlers is wonderful, because it continues the added safety benefits of a wearable blanket, but accommodates their active lifestyle, while still providing cozy, warmth during the colder months.

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