Superfly Kids Customized Superhero Capes {Providing Hope and Encouragement with Cause Capes}

My son just loves pretend play and has even started to take a liking to superheroes. Since I personally consider him my own little superhero, I wanted to reward him with a special token of appreciation. SuperFly Kids offers fun accessories to help children feel like real life superheroes, including actual capes! While the company sells 5722 pre-made capes, they also offer something even better, a customized cape just for your little guy or gal.

 Photo: SuperFly Kids

The ordering process was fun and actually really easy! There are three sizes to choose from, Sidekick (ages 2 through 7), Hero (age 7+), and Superhero (adult size). Since this will be your child's personal cape, you can add personalized touches, which are all included in the basic size pricing:

  • Seventeen cape color choices
  • Add the letter of your child's first or last name (with 18 color selections)
  • Include a special emblem (18 color selections), which includes your choice of a lightening bolt, crown, circle, flower, heart, star, or shield.

 Photo: SuperFly Kids

Really the hardest part is deciding how to design the cape, since there are so many neat variations to choose from. For my son's cape, I went with the blue and included a shield design. I almost chose a yellow shield with a red letter, but I wanted to do something different than a traditional superman look. I instead went with a silver shield and had the letter colored in orange (go "Cuse!). 

Each cape is made by hand in the United States out of thick, high-quality satin stitching. Each emblem and letter is also stitched, to ensure that they actually stay on, even after tons of play or washing. The shipping was really fast and the cape arrived perfect–just as I expected! We absolutely love it and now my little man has his own official superhero gear! 

In addition to supplying fun kids products, SuperFly Kids is also a charitable company that aims to raise money to help bring hope and encouragement to children who are suffering from pediatric illnesses and other difficult circumstances. For every order placed over $50, a superhero cape is sent to a child in need. They even sponsor The Super Run, a family friendly superhero themed 5k fundraiser event.
  Photo: SuperFly Kids

Here are just some of the causes that SuperFly Kids supports:
  • Congenital Heart Defects
  • Childhood Cancer
  • Autism
  • Grieving Children
  • Children of Veterans
  • Down Syndrome
  • Crohn's and Colitis
  • Child Neglect and Abuse
  • Foster Care and Adoption
  • Leukemia

The company also offers two customized Cause Capes with special logos on the front:
The Casa for Children Cape was created especially for abused and neglected children. For every Casa for Children Cape sold, a portion of the sale price will be given back to the Casa of Lexington organization to help kids who have been removed from their home due to abuse or neglect. The CureSearch for Children's Cancer cape, was created especially for children battling cancer. For every CureSearch sold, $5 will be donated to a special charity that seeks to end children's cancer through advanced research. SuperFly Kids also offers customers the option to donate a cape to a child in need. There's even an option to add a special dedication video that can be watched by the child who receives your donated cape.

  Photo: SuperFly Kids

 Photo: SuperFly Kids

Sometimes it's the little things that make a world of difference! I'm all for supporting a company that gives back, especially to children in need. Every child out there deserves to feel like a superhero, so why not give them the chance to be one? Be sure to head on over to SuperFly Kids to check out the cool children's products that they offer and how you can bring hope and encouragement to kids who could really use it. Our Everyday Harvest readers can also receive 20% off their order by visiting here!