31 Women of the Bible: Who They Were and What We Can Learn from Them Today

There are so many fascinating stories to read about in the Bible. It's nice to learn the facts about important events that occurred throughout Biblical history, as well as God's written truths, but what about the people mentioned throughout? They also have a story to be told. 31 Women of the Bible is a book that I've been having a difficult time putting down. We so often hear about the prominent male figures in the Bible, it's nice to also be able to read a book that actually highlights the profiles of some of the noteworthy women in the Bible.

31 Women of the Bible features 31 profiles of important women in the Bible. Each profile includes the related scripture reference, character summary, and application questions to help the reader discover who these women were and what we can learn from them today. Featuring a full-color interior with illustrations on every page and a unique concise format, this book can be used for daily study or carried in a purse or backpack for reading on the go.

31 Women of the Bible delves deeper into the characteristics and lives of each of the females mentioned in the book. Not only does the author share details of who they were and what they did in life, but he also gives the reader a greater understanding of what they may have been going through on the inside. He does this by providing detailed information about their lives and the circumstances they experienced, scripture references, and my favorite part, a "Takeaway" section that is offered at the end of each individual biography. Upon reading these sections, I would sometimes find myself rethinking what I thought I knew about a few of the people mentioned. It was definitely an eye opener!

The book also includes a section called, "Food for Thought." This area offers several afterthought questions that readers can further expand their character studies with. Sometimes the questions involve circumstances in that person's life, while other times they are questions directed to the actual reader. This allowed me to sometimes put myself in their shoes and see circumstance through their eyes. There is a note from the author in the beginning that mentions the hope that each reader will "be challenged, encouraged, warned, and helped." I personally felt that this book definitely accomplished these tasks. 

A good woman is hard to find, and worth far more than diamonds. – Proverbs 31:10 

Every time I read one of the biographies, I felt this insistent need to keep going, so that I can learn more about the rest of the women included. This is probably one of the more remarkable Biblical character guides that I've personally read. The text also offers a more concise, down-to-earth writing style that definitely kept me engaged. This is a book that can be read from front to back, or in different settings as a Bible study. The pretty blue ribbon bookmark is a handy feature that allows me to keep my place. There are also a ton of beautiful full-color illustrations throughout that really help bring each woman's story to life.

Even though 31 Women of the Bible is written for adults, I'm thinking this would actually be a perfect educational tool for older children to have during a Bible history course or even as part of a special lesson planned around Women's History Month. B&H Publishing also makes a men's version, 31 Men of the Bible. I enjoyed this one so much, I'm definitely consideration picking that one up, as well.