Candle Day by Day Walk with Jesus and Candle Day by Day Bible for Children


Jesus died on the cross to save us. He is the truth, the way, the life. That's why I find it so important to teach my son about the life of Jesus, who He is, and why He's an essential part of our lives. Reading the Gospels in the Bible is a great way to start. Of course Bible storybooks that offer an abbreviated version of the accounts in Jesus' life are extremely helpful, especially for young children. Candle Day by Day Walk with Jesus by Juliet David is one of these types of books, as it includes 40 abridged stories from the Gospels, about the days when Jesus lived on earth.

Juliet David has written many children's stories and Bible activity books. Her other interests include painting, music, and travel to Israel and other Bible lands. This experienced author lives in London with her family.

Candle Day by Day Walk with Jesus is a beautiful hardcover book that is smaller in size. It's written for children five to seven years old, but even adults will enjoy reading about the life and days of Jesus. I personally read this to my son who is preschool age. I think there's no better time to start teaching him all about our Lord and Savior. The stories are short, so they can keep the attention of younger children. Each page includes colorful art work by Jane Heyes, all inspired by the New Testament.

Every story is broken down by day and is meant to be read throughout a forty-day time span. At the same time, they're short, so they can easily be read back to back in one day. The first page begins on Day 1 with Mary receiving news of her being pregnant with Jesus. It then follows through His birth all the way up into adulthood. The last page finishes the book with His resurrection and leaves the reader with an encouraging note.

While this book can be read straight through, breaking each reading session down into forty days also has it's advantages. Parents and children have the opportunity to create a whole Bible study around the life of Jesus, incorporating additional materials or activities as they seem fit. Each page notates which day the reader is on and also includes scripture references, as well as an afterthought or question for further reflection. 

Candle Day by Day Walk with Jesus is a wonderful way for children to get a glimpse at who Jesus really is. The stories are easy to follow along to, and the beautiful illustrations will also help keep them engaged as they learn how important the Son of God truly is. 

Candle Day by Day Bible

To further expand on teaching the Bible to young children, there is another handy tool called the Candle Day by Day Bible. This one is also written by author, Juliet David, and not only covers the life of Jesus, but the entire Bible in an abridged version (both Old and New Testaments). The really neat aspect of this book is that it's presented in a spiral-bound desk calendar format, which is very unique to other Bible storybooks we own.

This format allows each story to be broken down into 365 reading days. Children can enjoy plenty of stories from the Bible, reading one each day or even a bunch at a time. Jane Heyes is also back with her delightful illustrations inspired by Biblical history, to keep young ones engaged. The first day begins with God's creation and the last day (Day 365) ends with a story about Paul. I would have preferred something from Revelation, perhaps about Jesus coming back, instead of the last day focusing on Paul, but it does end with a note about him spreading the gospel of Jesus.

The Candle Day by Day Bible is another wonderful addition to our Bible study tools. I honestly really like the desk calendar format, a lot. We can flip to a new page each day and further expand on our studies by discussing the theme of the day. I even think adults could benefit from this particular format, because they can display it on their desk at work (a great conversation starter).

Both Candle Day by Day Walk with Jesus and Candle Day by Day Bible can be found at most major book retailers online. Both would make a wonderful gift this holiday season or pretty much any time of the year!