A Perfect Starter Bible for Babies: The Read & Play Baby Bible

I'm a firm believer that every child should own a Bible–there's no better time to start teaching them the word of God then when they are young. Having a good age-appropriate Bible is very helpful. There are Bibles out there for all ages, even the youngest of children. The Read & Play Baby Bible is one that was specifically created for babies in mind

The Read & Play Baby Bible offers parents priceless opportunities to cuddle up with their child and enjoy time together learning about God’s Word. With 22 fun stories written just for little ones and activities like tickling bellies and singing along with David and his harp, children will learn that God loves and cares about them. The Read and Play Baby Bible fill story time with lots of love, hugs, and kisses.

I've been reading God's word to my son ever since he was a newborn. We began doing this by using his very first Bible board book. Oh, how I would've loved to have the Read & Play Baby Bible sooner. This is more like a Bible storybook and also has sturdy board book pages, perfect for tiny hands. There are a total of twenty-two Bible stories included, beginning with the story of creation and then continuing on with other popular stories from both the New and Old Testament. Each story is very compressed with about one to three lines of text, and is told in a way that is toned down for little ones. There's even a scripture notation included to begin every page.

On each adjoining page is a little sentiment or afterthought for your baby. These are really neat, because they actually involve some sort of action or movement from either the parent, the baby, or both. These actions are notated in parentheses, and are to be done as you read the text. For example, in the story from Exodus 14:15-22, little ones will learn about how God helped Moses part the Red Sea to free his people from slavery. On the next page is a final reflection from the story:

(Blow like a strong wind) God sends
a strong wind to blow the water
away. (Blow the waters away–
wiggling fingers part the water)

The illustrations by Gustavo Mazali are absolutely delightful and perfect for young ones. Even Jesus is portrayed with childlike features. I also like that there are Bible stories that I wouldn't necessarily expect to see like Ruth, Esther (one of my favorites), and Samuel. The one that focuses on Revelation also leaves out the grim stuff, and instead focuses on the joy we'll all experience up in heaven.

If you're looking for a first Bible or book of Bible stories, then I highly recommend the Read & Play Baby Bible. This is not only a beautiful starter book for babies, but for toddlers, as well.