Devotions for the Whole Family: Kingdom Family Devotional by Tony Evans and Jonathan Evans


Can you believe that we're almost in the middle of January?! Where does the time go? I know a lot of folks out there have been starting up their New Year's resolutions, while others may still be contemplating theirs. Of course, making a declaration to change something in your life for the better, can be welcomed pretty much anytime of the year.

I don't always make New Year's resolutions, but have decided that this year I want to delve deeper in my walk with God. Now don't get me wrong, I've already been keeping in my walk with God, reading His word, and even teaching my son all about Jesus and the Bible. With that being said, I'm only human and therefore not perfect. There's always room for improvement no matter how close you are to God.

To start off 2017, I've been blessed with some amazing reading material from new Bibles, to devotionals the new year is starting off right with the study of God's word. One new book that I'd like to share with everyone, today, is the Kingdom Family Devotional by father/son duo Tony Evans and Jonathan Evans. 

This new devotional from Dr. Tony Evans and his son Jonathan Evans will provide both single and married parents with a resource tool to maximize those family devotional times, such as the dinner hour or bedtime. The family virtues–based devotional provides 52 separate topics, one for each week of the year, and five devotionals within each topic that will guide devotional times Monday through Friday.

Tony Evans one of America's most respected leaders in evangelical circles. He is a pastor, bestselling author, and frequent speaker at Bible conferences and seminars throughout the nation. He has served as the senior pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas, TX, for over 35 years, witnessing its growth from ten people in 1976 to now over 9,000 congregants with 100 plus ministries. Through his local church and national ministry, Dr. Evans has set in motion a Kingdom Agenda philosophy of ministry that teaches God's rule over every area of life as demonstrated through the individual, family, church, and society.
Jonathan Evans, a mentor, author, speaker and former NFL fullback treasures his relationship with Christ along with the opportunity to use his life to glorify God. Jonathan seeks to impact today's athletes, men and young adults by equipping and encouraging them in their faith. He is the co-author of Get in the Game: a Spiritual Workout for Athletes. Jonathan serves with his pastor, friend and father, Dr. Tony Evans, both in the local church and the national ministry. They also teamed up together to write Get in the Game, a practical guidebook filled with sports analogies and spiritual truths aimed at strengthening readers with the skills they need for living victoriously.

What an amazing experience to be able to work alongside a parent to create such amazing literature and study tools for learning and keeping in the Lord's word. The kingdom agenda is a signature term used under Tony Evan's ministry. The overall message is to allow God to rule over every aspect of our lives, including our marriage/relationships, family, and overall character. There are many "Kingdom" books available. The Kingdom Family Devotional is the first that I have read in this series, but after reading it, I know it won't be the last. 

This devotional is different in that it's set up as a fifty-two week study that allows the entire family to get involved. Although it doesn't contain fancy illustrations, etc., there is heavy emphasis on making sure that children also partake in the activities and daily studies. Each of the fifty-two devotions are broken down into five days, with one main theme of discussion for each week. These themes include core topics such as Love, Respect, Fear, Unity, Wisdom, Discipleship, etc. The first four days of each week predominately involve discussions with a few quick tasks here and there. The last day of each study, Day 5, will involve a closing discussion, along with one or two major activities that the whole family can participate in. Depending on that week's study topic, these activities could involve anything from dancing, providing affirmations to another person, or even being somebody's secret helper (that last one is included in the week on Servanthood). 

There is also a bit of flexibility in doing each study, this is particularly the case when it comes to involving very young children in some of the activities and discussions. Throughout the book, you'll find several suggestions to help cater some of the studies based on the ages of younger family members. As far as the overall content of each study, it's incredible! The principles shared are on par with what a good, sound devotional should have. Each devotion is a page long and the text is written in a casual, down-to-earth manner, so it really keeps everyone engaged. 

If you're looking for a new Bible study tool for the whole family, then I definitely recommended giving the Kingdom Family Devotional a try. It's so very important to maintain and strengthen the salvation of our family, and this is definitely an amazing resource to help instill God's word and Biblical truths in order to make that happen.