Discovering Power in the Names of God: I Know His Name Bible Study


In my own journey to build a stronger, more personal relationship with God, I've taken quite an interest in His many names. To be honest, I've always been quite fascinated by this topic of study and always seek resources to help me delve deeper into learning more. Recently, I have been taking part in a Bible study by Wendy Blight. It's called I Know His Name and it's all about discovering the Power in the Names of God

Wendy Blight is a member of the Proverbs 31 Ministries' First 5 Writing Team and serves as the Proverbs 31 On-Line Bible Study Small Group Ministry Training and Development Coordinator. She is a national speaker, Bible teacher, attorney, and author of Living So That: Making Faith-Filled Choices in the Midst of a Messy Life and Hidden Joy in a Dark Corner: The Transforming Power of God's Story, both featured as Proverbs 31 On-Line Bible Studies. She has been a featured guest on Oprah Radio, the 700 Club, Family Life Today with Dennis Rainey, Revive our Hearts with Nancy Leigh DeMoss, and Building Relationships with Dr. Gary Chapman. Wendy's favorite place to be is at home in Charlotte, North Carolina writing and enjoying time with her husband, Monty, and their two children, Lauren and Bo.

Since I've always been intrigued with this topic, I was already familiar with some of the Lord's names. Having said that, after starting this Bible study a few weeks, ago, I have been learning more than I ever thought I would. You see, I Know His Name is not just about learning the names and what they translate to, but the study builds on how we can understand the many different characters that God has. In doing so, we can then develop a more personal relationship with Him.

The complete study is offered as a study guide, however there's also a supplemental DVD that accompanies it. The DVD is completely optional, since everything is covered in the book, but I did find it to be equally helpful. You see, this can be done as a group Bible study or alone. I am personally doing this study alone, so watching the DVD provided me with more of an interactive experience. 

In this five-session Bible study, Wendy Blight implements her practical and approachable style to equip readers to study the Word of God and then apply it to their own lives in practical ways. This study is for any woman who wants to move beyond simply knowing about God to really knowing God in a very personal way. Join Wendy as she teaches how the very names of God reveal His character and heart.

I Know His Name is a five-session, video-based study by Wendy Blight that examines the powerful names of God found in scripture and helps you move from simply knowing about God to really knowing God. This I Know His Name DVD can be used for personal reflection or for group discussion with the coordinating study guide.

The I Know His Name Bible study covers the following names of God:
  • Elohim: The One Who Created Me
  • El Roi: The One Who Sees Me
  • Jehovah Nissi: The One Who Stands Guard Over Me
  • Jehovah Rapha: The One Who Heals Me
  • Jehovah Shalom: The One Who Brings Me Peace
  • All-Consuming Fire: The One Who is Jealous for Me
  • El Elyon: The One Who is Exhalted Above All Others
  • Abba Father: The One Who is Your Father

Each week offers practical insights through scripture and Biblical history. The lessons include a teaching section and an area where we can dig deeper into the Word of God. I really appreciate Wendy Blight's teaching style. Not only is she moving in her words, but she offers a down-to-earth approach in how we can understand the many different characters of God, with ways in which we can apply what we learn into our own lives. Take, for instance, praying. If we are praying for something specific, then we can do so more confidently and with effectiveness by calling on God through the specific name that pertains to what we are seeking or asking for (i.e. Jehovah Rapha for healing in our lives or for someone else).

While I am still in the midst of this Bible study, I'm very happy with what I've learned so far. Wendy Blight takes examples from the Bible that involve real people who lived during those days, in order to teach why knowing how to appropriately call on the Lord is so important. This not only changes the way we pray or speak to God, but it can change our own hearts and the entire relationship we have with Him as a whole, since we will grow deeper in understanding His character and all of the many things that He is.

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