Little Bunny Series Review and Book Set GIVEAWAY

Easter will be here before we know it, and although my first priority is teaching my son the true meaning of this time of the year, we still like to have a little fun decorating the place with bunnies, chicks, and Easter eggs. Of course, now is the time where we also like to read all of our favorite spring and bunny themed books. WorthyKids just released a new set of board books, No, No, Bunny and Uh-Oh, Bunny, both written by author, Pamela Kennedy. From the titles of each book you can imagine that the main character, Little Bunny, sometimes gets himself into a few dilemmas.

In Uh-Oh, Bunny, Bunny has been a little careless around the house. When Mama ask who made the mess, will Bunny tell the truth?

In No, No, Bunny has taken a few things that aren't his, but he doesn't feel happy about it. Will bunny keep the items to return them to their owners?

Pamela Kennedy loves writing for children and has authored more than thirty books of stories, prayers, and devotions. In her spare time she enjoys hiking, playing with her grandchildren, and exploring the beaches of Puget Sound. Pam and her husband currently live in Seattle, Washington.

Lately, we've been reading a lot of children's books that also include a very important lesson to be learned. No, No, Bunny and Uh-Oh, Bunny are no different. Although Little Bunny finds himself making the wrong decisions in the beginning of each story, he soon learns the error of his ways and what he should do in order to make things right. 

In Uh-Oh, Bunny, we see Little Bunny making mischief by destroying things in the house, writing on the walls, etc., but when Mama Bunny asks him who did those things, he must make the decision on whether or not to tell the truth. This story focuses on being honest, even if it means getting in trouble.

In No, No, Bunny, our little friend starts taking things that don't belong to him. Soon after, he begins to feel guilty about what he's done and has to make a choice on what he should do next. This story focuses on why stealing is wrong and how to make good decisions.

The books are written for the two to five year age range, and include simple sentences with only a few words per line. Although the text is minimal, the moral to the story is profound. Little ones will also delight in the sweet artwork done by Claire Keay as they witness Little Bunny ultimately setting things right after making some not-so-great decisions. There's also a really nice die-cut design of Little Bunny on the front cover of each book. My son is particularly a fan of this design feature. He also enjoys both stories so much, that we often find ourselves reading them over and over again in one sitting.

No, No, Bunny and Uh-Oh, Bunny are not necessarily Easter themed, but if you are looking for a set of new books that includes bunnies, then these are two that you may want to pick up. They would also make an excellent addition to any child's Easter basket. Not only do both books offer a great lesson on values and honesty, but it's also worth noting that there is a scripture passage included at the end of each story, so they're actually based off of Biblical principles, which is right in line with the Easter holiday.

To celebrate the release of the new Little Bunny Series, I'm also happy to be offering a giveaway! One winner will receive both No, No, Bunny and Uh-Oh, Bunny!

Little Bunny Children's Book Set Giveaway

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