Back to School with Dabbawalla Lunch Bags {Giveaway}

Can you believe that we're already in the homestretch of July?! I know there's still several more weeks of summer left, but I was just running a few errands last week, and couldn't help notice that the school supplies were already on the shelves. It seems like they come out earlier and earlier each year. Hey, I'm not complaining, though, since it's a great time to stock up on a lot of our homeschool supplies. I've already found a ton of great deals!

I know there are a lot of folks out there who are getting geared up for school to start in middle of August, or perhaps you're homeschooling your children and have a year-round schedule–this is kind of what we like to do. Either way, I can't wait to share our latest must-have to get the kiddos ready for the new school year, a Dabbawalla Lunch Bag.

Although I homeschool my son, we still find manys uses for everyday school items on the market. Some of these also include backpacks, pencil cases, and even a good lunch bag. Since my preschooler loves to eat (hey, he's a growing boy!), I always make sure that we bring both a beverage and food item whenever we're on the go. If it's a quick trip, it may just be a simple snack, while longer trips may require a lunch and multiple snacks for the day. No matter what we're bringing along with us, having a good lunch bag to store everything in is imperative–that's why I'm loving my son's new lunch bag from DabbawallaBags.

In a global world of mega-merchandising, Dabbawalla Bags stands apart and we couldn’t be more proud. We are a small, Seattle-based company whose sole mission is to offer well-designed, modern bags made from sustainable materials that are washable, functional and fun.

Inspired by the legendary system of dabbawallas delivering homemade food to office workers in India, Dabbawalla Bags offers a modern twist with a fun, functional way to tote lunch and gear for families on the go.

Dabbawalla Bags offers plenty of neat children's products, including tablet cases, ditty bags, and one of my personal favorites, the preschooler backpack. (particularly my son's Dabbawalla Penguin Backpack, shown below. We tote it everywhere we go).

One of the hardest things to initially decide when picking any Dabbawalla bag, is which design to choose from. The company carries plenty of bags that come in a variety of different styles. I almost decided on the matching Penguin Lunch Bag to go with my son's backpack, but then I saw this precious Brown Bear design, and I just couldn't pass it up.

Isn't it just the cutest thing?!

Each Dabbawalla Lunch Bag has an easy to grab handle, along with a zipper pull for simple opening and closing. It also offers a wide bottom, which allows the bag to stand upright, keeping food and beverages where they should be. Since these are designed with young children in mind, they're also durable enough to withstand a lot.

The material of each Dabbawalla Lunch Bag is crafted from eco-friendly, biodegradable foam textile that is 100% toxic-free (no PVC, BPA, lead, solvents, VOC's, or phthalates), because when we're talking about our kids, safety is a number one priority. Every bag is individually made, which also contributes to each one's slight uniqueness. The thick, insulated material, along with an ice pack can keep food and beverages at a cool temperature for approximately four to five hours. Although, not 100% waterproof, they are water-resistant, so if your child is caught in the rain with their bag, it'll actually repel the rain drops.


A lunch bag shouldn't just have one big open space to throw everything in. Sometimes you need compartments, so I really appreciate that there's also an outside pouch and interior mesh pocket to store beverage containers or smaller items like utensils and napkins. Continuing with the idea of functionality is the fact that these bags are machine washable. So if it gets dirty or something spills inside, I have the peace of mind knowing that it will be easy to clean.

As you can see, there's plenty of space for all your child's snack and lunch needs. Here's an example of a day when we had a beverage, sandwich, box of raisins, pack of strawberry biscuits, pea pod crisps, and an apple. All of that food, and there was still plenty of room to spare.


Functional, durable, and super stylish–these Dabbawalla Lunch Bags have it all! I love that they can hold a lot of items. My son enjoys the bear design that's both adorable and fun! Whether you are homeschooling or sending the kids off to school outside of the home, having a good bag to tote around their lunch is a definite must, so why not make it a Dabbawalla Lunch Bag?

I am such a huge fan of Dabbawalla Bags and that's why I'm super excited to offer the chance for Our Everyday Harvest Readers to win one of their adorable lunch bags. One winner will be chosen to win their choice of either the Pink Elephant or Race Car Lunch Bag.

Kid's Lunch Bag Giveaway

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