Kiwi: Season One Review + DVD GIVEAWAY {Educational Preschool Phonics Program}

There's something positive to be said about educational programs for children. My son and I enjoy watching age-appropriate shows together, and I especially favor the ones that also offer a nice learning opportunity. Recently, we had the chance to watch Season One of Kiwi, a fun learning show that gets kids excited about phonics!

It s time to learn phonics skills with Twiki and Twini! In this collection of twenty six episodes, Twiki and Twini will take us on fun and educational adventures to discover new words and new sounds. In each episode, Twiki and Twini encounter different objects themed together such as animals, trucks, and more! As each object is presented in the episode, your little one will then watch as Twiki and Twini spell the word out phonetically in fun, illustrative letters that resemble the word being spelled out with their friends. The fun and learning never end with Twiki and Twini! Get ready to enter into an unexpected universe comprised of sounds, words, and images.

The Kiwi: Season One DVD comes with twenty-six episodes and each one offers a different theme. You have stories that showcase animals, numbers, colors, birthdays, Christmas, and even housecleaning. The main characters of the story are two kiwis named Twiki and Twini. Each episode introduces our inquisitive kiwi friends as they start a new learning adventure. The kiwis don't really talk, with the exception of a few random silly grunts and mumbles here and there, so there's both an adult and child voice to narrate the stories. The extra narration really helps get children involved in each episode. Not only do they spell out the words, but they also offer guidance and a variety of different directives like, "let's say it together" to engage the viewer.

When my son was a baby he had a thing for kiwis. It's hard to say if he just enjoyed saying the word, "kiwi," or if he actually thought they were really cute animals (probably a little bit of both). Either way, I knew that he'd really like this one. With all the fancy CG cartoons out there, as nice as they are, it was neat to see something a little different. Kiwi resembles the classic stop-motion claymation that I remember when I was child, like Gumby or the California Raisins. I think this style of animation was one of the other things that really caught my son's attention while watching the show. Claymation has really come a long way–even with all the modern animation out there, there's something nostalgic about it. Kiwi offers this with a more updated feel very similar to Wallace and Gromit.

I really appreciate that the show touches up on spelling by using word building exercises. There are about four to five key words that are highlighted in each episode. To really make things fun, each word that's displayed on the screen is designed in a descriptive way that correlates with the storyline.

So for instance, in the episode, Twini's Birthday, these words are included in the story:

  • BIRTHDAY is spelled out with fun colors and patterns with candles, gift bows, and party hats on top
  • RAIN (that starts after Twini's bad signing) is spelled out using bluish-gray letters that have water streaming down them, along with a rain cloud on top
  • SUN is spelled out using bright, yellow letters that are glowing
  • CANDLE is spelled out with pastel, striped letters that resemble lit birthday candles

Being a preschool mom, I've watched my fair share of phonics cartoons, but there aren't many that I've seen that actually emphasize the design of each word using the theme of the story. I thought this was a really cool feature, and definitely added to the show's uniqueness. My son really enjoyed being able to spell out the words together with the narrator, while seeing each one resemble what he was spelling.

Kiwi is definitely not your average kid's cartoon. I really appreciated the educational aspect of this show. I was even thinking of getting creative with this DVD by putting together a few unit studies with some of the episodes, since each one encompasses a different theme. Plus they're all short and sweet, so there's room for discussion afterwards. Not only do little ones have the opportunity to build upon their spelling and vocabulary skills while watching this, but they will also learn all about new objects as they're presented in each episode. All this is done while offering a fun, entertaining program that kids will enjoy.

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