Discovering Christ Through His Teachings: The Red Letter Words of Jesus

Jesus is the way, the truth, the life. No wonder His words have the ability to fill us with such peace and comfort. That's why I enjoy reading the New Testament so much, particularly the teachings of Jesus Christ. I had recently decided that I wanted to create a new scripture journal to focus solely on the words that are spoken by Jesus, so that I could meditate on them regularly. Then it happened, just a few weeks ago I came across a new book by author, Jack Countryman, called The Red Letter Words of Jesus.

More than 100 passages from the Bible are considered with illuminating explanation and background facts. Most of all, discovering Jesus’ words will breathe life into your relationship with Him and help you draw close to the One who knows you fully and loves you completely.

Jack Countryman is the founder of JCountryman® Gift Books, a division of Thomas Nelson Publishers, and the recipient of the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association Jordan Lifetime Achievement Award. Over the past 30 years he has developed bestselling gift books such as God’s Promises® for Your Every Need, God’s Promises® for Men, God’s Promises® for Women, and God Listens. Countryman’s books have sold more than 20 million units

The title of this book was what initially grabbed me. In many Bibles, Jesus' words are often depicted in red ink, and that's where the name of this book comes from. Inside are over a 100 scriptures that include the parables and teachings that Jesus spoke about, along with a notation on where they can be found in the Bible. If that wasn't perfect enough, each adjacent page also includes an in-depth explanation of why Jesus spoke these words, and what they mean to the reader.

The exterior design of the book is definitely something to take in with it's beautiful red imitation leather hardcover. It's also quite compact in size, making it easy to carry on the go if need be. After all, there's nothing like taking in our Savior's word throughout the day. The inside of the book is simple, but just as beautiful as the outside–with glossy pages, unique, and sometimes fitting illustrations to display the Words of Jesus on the left page, as well as red borders above the text on the pages to the right.

The more that I read The Red Letter Words of Jesus, the more that I crave to hear all the things that Jesus had to say. Not that I don't already read them in my Bible, but there is something really special about having a collection of His words compiled eloquently in a beautiful leatherbound book. It's just what I needed and the very reason why I wanted to create a journal of His teachings in the first place. After I began reading this, I actually had a difficult time putting it down. All I wanted to do is read more of His loving words and have them speak to my heart. What a beautiful tool to help bring me closer and build upon my relationship with Him.