The Beginner's Bible: My First Book of Prayers & Daniel and the Hungry Lions

The other day I shared our latest addition in the Adventure Bible series. We have quite a few books in this series, and it's one that I highly recommend for teaching young children all about Biblical history. In case you've missed it, you can read my review about the latest book in this series.

Another children's ministry collection that's very similar, and one that we also enjoy is The Beginner's Bible. Just recently, we received two new books in the series, My First Book of Prayers and Daniel and the Hungry Lions.

Praying is something that I have been teaching my son to do ever since he was a baby. Everyday I gleam over the fact that he's been doing it on his own more and more, even praying on a whim every so often throughout the day. Having books like My First Book of Prayers is a wonderful way to not only teach little ones how to pray, but to give them ideas on what they should be praying for.  

The Beginner's Bible My First Book of Prayers helps young children discover that they can talk to God about anything from the beauty of creation to their friendships and emotions. Thankfulness, praise, and requests for God's help are all included.

My First Book of Prayers was created for toddlers and preschool age children. It has a padded hardcover with rounded corners and sturdy board book pages. This makes it especially nice for even the youngest of children to flip through. On the left page of each spread, you'll find a signature illustration from The Beginner's Bible series, as well as a main theme and scripture verse. On the right page, a special prayer is included that little ones can recite. Each prayer also correlates with the adjacent page's theme. For instance, the first prayer in the book starts with "God Created All Things." The prayer on the next page is titled, Gratitude, and offers thanks to our Lord for His many creations (blue skies, green grass, animals, people, etc.).

There are about seventeen prayers in this book for children to recite, each one touching up an important aspect of life where they may need God's guidance. Some of the topics include wisdom, courage, sharing, honesty, love, and patience. This is such a sweet book for little ones, and definitely a wonderful tool for parents to help teach first-time prayers to their children.

My son always enjoys when we read about Daniel. This is an amazing story to teach children all about faith and how we should never waver, even in the presence of adversity. The Beginner's Bible version of this story is the perfect age-appropriate way to tell young children about this very popular Bible story.

This retelling of the story of Daniel and the lions is perfect for young readers. Featuring brand-new art from the beloved The Beginner’s Bible, a die-cut format, and a beautiful foiled cover, parents will love sharing this board book with their children.

Daniel and the Hungry Lions is also a board book that offers a really neat die-cut, curved edging around the outside of the book. The story touches up on Daniel's obedience to God even when it almost costs him his life. He gets thrown into a lion's den and left for dead–what happens next is a wonderful testimony to why we should always trust God. We really enjoyed The Beginner's Bible retelling of the story of Daniel. My son always gets a kick out of the fun illustrations of those wide-eyed characters throughout. 


If you have young children, and haven't introduced them to The Beginner's Bible series, yet, there's no better time than now. I highly recommend both My First Book of Prayers and Daniel and the Hungry Lions to help you get started. All of the books in this collection offer a fun and exciting way for kids to learn about the Bible. The Beginner's Bible website is also an excellent place to visit. It's chock full of wonderful resources for parents, as well as printable coloring sheets and activities for children.

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