Children's Book Giveaway to Celebrate Grandparents Day ~ My Grandmother, Mi Abuela

The bond between a grandchild and their grandparents can be an unforgettable one. My son is blessed to have such wonderful grandparents, whom he loves dearly. September 10th is Grandparents Day, and what better way to begin the celebration than by reading heartwarming stories that focus on those very special people in our lives. My Grandmother, Mi Abuela by Christine Cruz is one of our most recent reads that tells the story of an unforgettable relationship between a girl and her grandmother.

“My Grandmother, Mi Abuela” tells the story of Christine’s relationship with her Grandmother (Mama). “My Grandmother, Mi Abuela” celebrates the relationship a Granddaughter has with her Grandmother. As they both grow, the unconditional love they share for one another shines through the pages. This heartwarming story, is sure to make you want to hold your own Grandmother closer.

I grew up and still reside in NYC . I earned my Bachelors degree in Behavioral sciences from Mercy College, and obtained my Teachers Assistant Certification. When I’m not teaching in an integrated classroom or writing books, I enjoy baking and being with my family. I believe there’s nothing better than putting a smile on a child’s face. I am the author of "Can I Always Come Back Home?" and "ABC Questions".

My Grandmother, Mi Abuela (grandmother in Spanish) introduces a little girl who shares all the cherished moments that her and her grandmother have together, from fun walks on the beach in the summertime to delicious Sunday dinners with the entire family. Her grandmother is the heart of the family and holds everything together. The story then moves on to show the little girl growing up. Now as an adult, those special moments between her and her grandmother are still there, only even more prevalent than ever before. 

This is the second children's book written by author, Christine Cruz, that we've personally had the wonderful pleasure of reading. The first one being, ABC Questions, a cute story about a little girl who has an inquisitive nature to learn about the alphabet and all that goes along with it. I was really excited to receive Christine's latest book, especially since we've enjoyed her last one so much. Plus, what better way to celebrate the upcoming Grandparents Day holiday, than to enjoy a precious story about the special bond between a granddaughter and her grandmother. What makes this book even more endearing is that it was inspired by true events. You see, Christine actually wrote this story from her own personal experience growing up with her Mama (grandmother). 

What's more is that this book is also bilingual! On each page of text you have an area that displays the story's translation in English, while underneath there is a Spanish translation, as well. Some Our Everyday Harvest readers may remember my post about the latest Spanish language program that my son had been using. I'm always seizing opportunities where I can focus on teaching my son words in Spanish, so I particularly appreciate that My Grandmother, Mi Abuela offers this second translation.

Colorful illustrations by Rosemarie Gillen, highlight those special moments, really focusing on family and the special relationship between a girl and her grandmother (abuela).

My son enjoys when we read this together. The text of the story is short and sweet, which is especially nice for us, since he's been trying to read along with me during storytime. Once we're done reading the English translation, we then flip back to the beginning of the story, so that we can read it, again–only this time in the Spanish translation.

Even though this is a children's book, the story really touched at my heartstrings. I became particularly emotional when the story got to the part where the little girl was all grown up and the roles started to reverse. Although both of my grandmothers had passed away quite a while ago, this book actually sort of reminded me of my own mother and the special relationship that we now have. As an adult, it can sometimes be difficult to think about our parents or grandparents aging. Even though life tends to move at a rapid pace, it's nice to focus on those cherished memories and this book is a special reminder of that.

We really enjoy reading children's books that concentrate on the special bond between grandparents and grandchildren. My Grandmother, Mi Abuela has become a treasured addition to our collection. With Grandparents Day right around the corner, this is truly a special story with a precious message.

Children's Book Giveaway My Grandmother, Mi Abuela

Author, Christine Cruz, has generously offered a second copy of My Grandmother, Mi Abuela that I will be giving away to one Our Everyday Harvest reader. For your chance to win a copy of this precious story, please follow the giveaway prompts, below.

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