Praying for Families Affected by Hurricane Harvey

My heart can't help but break for those families who have fell victim to the devastation of Hurricane Harvey. Some of the images and videos that I recently watched had me in tears–ladies sitting up to their waist in flood water at a senior citizen home and an entire family who was stuck in their apartment, pleading and praying on live stream for someone to help, fearing that no one would rescue them as the water continued to rise. Then I watched as a mother, scheduled to have a c-section in a couple of days, visited her home only to find complete devastation. The one thing that stood out for me is how she sobbed after seeing her children's toys thrown all over the place in the mud. As a mother to a young child, I couldn't help, but get emotional. Yes, they're only toys, but these are part of our children's lives–the everyday little things that provide our family with comfort, making them feel happy and safe.

Sometimes we may take certain things for granted such as, drinking water, a plate of food, or even cleans clothes and a warm blanket. As I see these hurting families, I can't help, but wish that I could be there to do something for them, but sometimes it's also those little things that can make a donating food and clothing items or even sending money to a charity that is taking part in rescue and recovery efforts.

I usually don't advertise or endorse charities on my blog, because I feel that everyone should do their own research on which ones they feel most comfortable sending their money to. With that being said, I do donate regularly to one charity called Samaritan's Purse. Before ever making my first donation to them a while back, I prayed for God's wisdom to show me if the money would go to the efforts that I had hoped for, and was led to proceed. While, I can never guarantee any charity 100%, it's the one that I personally feel comfortable giving to.

If you do decide to give, no matter which route you choose, it's always wise to be cautious and do a lot of investigating before sending your money to any charity. While there is still so much good in this world, especially during times like these, there are still some who may want to prey on victims and those who'd like to help. In addition to charity efforts, we can also help by praying heavily for these families, asking God to pull them out of this devastating crisis that they're enduring.

My heartfelt prayers are going out to all the individuals and families who have been affected by Hurricane Harvey. 

*Photo Source: Pixabay / Composition: Our Everyday Harvest