The Day Henry Met...? DVD Review + GIVEAWAY

Children are always full of curiosity and wonder. Each day is an opportunity for them to learn something new. At our house, this is definitely the case, since I'm always incorporating plenty of educational experiences into my son's day to day events. Kids are like sponges, they just soak all of that fun knowledge up! Recently, we've been watching a cartoon called The Day Henry Met...? It's about an inquisitive little boy who's always learning something new with the help of the friends he meets along the way.

About The Day Henry Met...?
Every day Henry meets something new! I wonder what Henry s going to meet today? Henry is a 4-year-old boy who always wants to learn and find out more. In each episode, Henry has a friendly chat with whatever he meets and discovers something new... Hello, Whale. How do you stay under water for so long? Hello, Car. What makes you go so fast? Hello, Moon. Why do you only come out at night? No matter what Henry meets, they re always delighted to talk, laugh and share their amazing world with him. After finding out so many amazing things about his new friends, Henry lets his imagination run wild and imagines himself... As a knight rescuing the missing sword... As a singer performing in a band... As a deep sea diver swimming along sea creatures... As a fireman rescuing others... As an astronaut flying to the moon... And more!

The Day Henry Met...? Season One DVD includes twenty-six different episodes with a running time of 135 minutes. Each one offers a different theme where Henry is introduced to something new. He then let's his imagination take him on a wild adventure. Along the way, he encounters a train, a mountain, a gorilla, a whale, and even the moon. Each creature or object engages with Henry in conversations, allowing him to find out what it's like to live in their world. Soon Henry is swimming in the ocean, flying into outer space, rescuing a cow, and even helping a birthday cake find the rest of her tiers before the big party.

The animation in this show is different in that it almost resembles drawings and scribbles of a young child. This really adds to the fun, since the overall theme of the cartoon is about sparking the imagination of a little boy. We really enjoy sitting and watching this, and I even like to add in a scavenger hunt to make viewing more interactive for my son. Every time a new episode starts, he has to go find a toy or object around the house that matches what or who Henry is meeting.

The Day Henry Met...? is an entertaining show that allows children to use their imaginations, all while learning something new. I'm happy to be sharing a special opportunity to win the entire Season One on DVD. There are plenty of ways you can enter, for more information, please see the giveaway prompts, below. Thank you for entering!

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