Back to School Homeschooling Resources from Parragon Books

It's officially back to school time! As homeschoolers, we typically have school all year round. Everyday is a learning experience, especially with a preschooler. With that being said, we always like to celebrate the "official" school season with a few brand new tools and resources to complement our lessons. Parragon Books recently surprised us with a big box of fun back to school goodies. Needless to say, I was elated with the contents, and couldn't wait to share all the amazing resources that we received to help get the kiddos ready for the new school season.

One of the things that I love about Parragon Books is that they publish all kinds of great activity books for kids. Throughout the past year, we've been introduced to some pretty neat ones, including this Discovery Kids (Factivity) Coding and Computers.  

This book is full of fun facts and information on computers and technology in general. Children can complete all kinds of activities, like word scrambles and mazes, as they learn about motherboards and even how radio signals work in order to connect to the internet. What's even better is that there are over 300 stickers included to help complete some of the activities, Wow!!

In addition to Coding and Computers, we received an amazing collection of learning activity books from The Learnalots collection, including Let's Learn Preschool, Let's Learn Kindergarten, and Let's Learn Second Grade.

These books have already become quite the asset in my son's day to day learning routine. With 256 pages in each book, there's definitely no shortage of learning assignments and activities included. There are even over 100 reward stickers included in every book to help congratulate kids on a job well done. I love having resources like these to help complement other curriculum we may using. Truth be told, these particular books can actually be used as curriculum by themselves. 

Each one offers a well-rounded learning experience, focusing on core subjects: 

  • Literacy
  • Writing
  • Math
  • Science and Nature
  • Art
  • Social Skills
  • Music
  • Health

So you see, a lot can be accomplished with these books, and since each one is categorized by grade level, the activities included are age-appropriate. They're also designed for parents and children to be able to work together, which is wonderful. We are enjoying these so much, especially the preschool and kindergarten levels, that I plan on also picking up the first grade level to add to our collection. Having both the first and second grade books will definitely come in handy as my son progresses in his learning level.

Another wonderful collection from The Learnalots are the learning sets. We received both the Get Ready for Preschool Learning Pack  and Get Ready for Kindergarten Learning Pack. These are really neat, because they're almost like mini versions of the Let's Learn collection. 

Each set contains five books, with a main subject to focus on:

  • Alphabet
  • Counting
  • Colors
  • Shapes
  • Animals

  • Math
  • Writing
  • Phonics
  • Science
  • Social Skills

The books are small in size and rather thin, so they are great for quick practice in order to boost skills in a particular subject area. One nifty feature that stood out for me with this set is that they come in their very own paperboard carrying case, complete with a Velcro closure and plastic handle. This allows my son to tote this on the go, taking it along when we're visiting family or anytime we're out and about. Just like the Let's Learn books, these sets also include reward stickers, fifty in each book (250 in a set). 

The key to waking up all refreshed and ready to start each school day, requires several things, a good night's sleep being one of them. A great way to end the day is to enjoy a nice book right before it's time for bed. We've been reading Bedtime Prayers by Stephen Whitlow to help us wind down the night. This board book includes precious illustrations with soft colors and sweet poems, prayers, and songs for children to recite and sing along to. We were especially excited to see one of our favorites, The Moon Lullaby, included. I always enjoy singing this poem to my own little one, so it was fun to see it included in the book.

Whether your child is being homeschooled or attends class outside of the home, this is a fabulous collection of books to help get kids all warmed up for the new school year. It's difficult for me to even pick a favorite out from this bunch, because they're all going to be quite helpful in our upcoming school year. 

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