Imagine...The Great Flood {Barbour Publishing} Christian Fiction for Kids Review

In my most recent quest to find some good, clean fiction for older children, I came across a fantastic Christian-based book called Imagine...The Great Flood by Matt Koceich. This is the first installment in the Imagine series from Barbour Publishing.

The story starts off with a boy named Corey. He is out for a walk in the park with his mother and dog, Molly. We soon learn that Corey is really upset over the fact that his father has taken a new job in a different state, and the family will have to pick up and move. Corey doesn't understand how this could be part of God's plan. All he keeps thinking about is the fact that he has to leave the life he always knew–his neighborhood, friends, and school. Soon he finds himself chasing Molly into a collection of shrubs, as she's strangely distracted by something, but he doesn't really know what. He has quite a stumble, hits his head, but seems to be okay. Then it a mysterious turn of events, Corey gets sent all the way back into Biblical history during the time of Noah.

He first encounters one of Noah's sons, Shem, who immediately befriends him. He tells Corey of his father's quest to build the ark upon instructions that he received from God. Shem and his brothers are now rounding up animals from all different areas of the land, so that they can board the ark. There are only two problems that they're coming up against. One, time is growing short and they still have many animals to round up, and two, the evil Nephilim giants are after them as they would like nothing more than to defeat Noah's plans.

The story then follows Corey on an adventure as he tries to help Shem and his brothers lead the animals to the ark. Meanwhile there are plenty of encounters with Nephilim and other enemies. Will they be able to round the animals up into the ark before the great flood hits and it's too late? What about the fact that he was sent back in time, will he ever get to see his family, again? Are they okay? Is this whole thing real? Corey thought he knew the entire Bible story, and perhaps he did in some ways, but experiencing it firsthand definitely puts things into a whole new perspective. With that, he also begins to understand that God has a will for all of us, and how this correlates to his own situation with his father's new job and the out-of-state move. While it may not always be so obvious in the beginning, the Lord always has a plan laid out and we need to remember to trust Him.

We really enjoyed this story, it was fast-paced and action packed. There definitely wasn't a dull moment! The book is about 110 pages long and it's rather small with good size text–so it was definitely a quick and easy read. Plus, the story is so captivating, it was pretty difficult to put down. We got through it in three days, and that was only because we had other things going on where we had to take breaks. What I especially appreciated about this story is that it mixes in a little bit of action-packed fiction (some of the characters and events are based out of the Bible, while some are fictional), which kids usually love, along with true Biblical accounts. The narrative is very descriptive, so you're put right in the story, which makes it an excellent learning tool for children, helping them get an idea of what it may have been like to live during the events that had taken place during Noah's time.

I'm really excited that there's also going to be a second installment in the series called Imagine...The Ten Plagues, which is set to release in March 2018! Needless to say, we'll definitely be in line to grab that book when it comes out. If you're in search of a good Christian adventure series for children, then I highly recommend starting with Imagine...The Great Flood by Matt Koceich.

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