Bible Promises to Live By for Women {Book Review}

There are times when our lives are moving so fast, it may be difficult to sometimes slow down and take a minute to ourselves. My personal quite time, when I'm not blogging, involves sitting down to read the Bible. I usually do this at night right before bed. There's something really special about having God's word my head (and heart) right before I drift off to sleep. Bible Promises to Live By for Women is one of those books that's perfect for my personal quiet time. While it's not an actual Bible, it is full of beautiful words of encouragement, as well as important scripture verses to reflect on.

God’s promises hold great power. The more we meditate and reflect on His promises, the more we see real change in our lives. Living by God’s promises puts our hearts at ease and gives us assurance, strength, and encouragement for the future. Bible Promises to Live By for Women offers more than 500 promises from God arranged alphabetically by topic for quick and easy access. Hold these promises close to your heart and let them guide you through life.

What I like about this book is that it actually touches up on real issues and thinking patterns that some woman may face, today. There are roughly about ninety-one topics of discussion that range from conflict, criticism, endurance, honesty, worry, humility, listening, abilities, regrets, perfectionism, worship, thankfulness, and so much more. Each topic can be found in alphabetical order in the table of contents and this is also how it's arranged throughout the book, so that you can easily find what you're looking for. Each topic begins with a supportive message, followed by several verses found in the New Living Translation Bible. The entire book actually contains over 500 promises taken right from the Bible. 

As wonderful as the inside contents are, the aesthetic aspects of the book are just as nice. The cover is linen textured with pretty gold accents and writing. A matching gold ribbon bookmark is also attached to the book for place keeping. This can be read in two different ways. You can start from the beginning and then work your way through the end. You could also flip around to the topic that speaks to you, for a special message of the day, almost like a daily devotional. It's also rather compact in size, so it fits perfectly inside a small bag or purse for taking on the go. With that being said, I personally leave mine right by the nightstand, so I can enjoy a special message of encouragement right before bed. 

Bible Promises to Live By for Women is such a beautiful book, both inside and out. As soon as I pulled this out of the shipping package, I was amazed. After reading several sections the very first night, I also knew this was something that I'd want to keep nearby for years to come. It would also make a terrific gift for a female family member or friend.