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One of the latest things that we've begun to tackle is teaching my son how to write. Since he is still quite young, I like to use a lot of multisensory tools to get him prepared. It's also a great way to build upon his fine motor skills. I have to honest, though, teaching little ones how to write can be a very tricky business. I try to make it as fun as possible for him. Since he loves anything and everything that has to do with the alphabet, I also like giving him writing sheets to help him practice letter tracing. He also enjoys this activity, so it's a win win for everyone! Recently, he's been getting in some extra letter tracing practice by using My First Letters - PreK-1st from Channie’s Visual Handwriting & Math Workbooks.

Channie’s Visual Handwriting & Math Workbooks were created by a mother who saw continued struggles in her own son's handwriting. After weeding through numerous writing worksheets that didn't seem to make the cut, she finally decided to create her own set with much success.

The My First Letters workbook is made specifically for children in Pre-K through 1st grade. There are eighty pages throughout that offer up a nice combination of letter tracing, writing, and coloring activities, which is perfectly suited for younger children who are just learning how to write. My son enjoys the extra coloring activities, which include small pictures on the letter tracing pages. The images are themed with the particular letter that they're on. So for instance, you'll find a picture of an apple on the letter A tracing page and a nest on the N page.

Of course, the highlights of this book are the actual letter tracing and writing activities. There are a few features included that set the writing pages apart from a simple letter tracing sheet. Each tracing page offers a visual of the letter, a word that starts with the letter, and a visual of that word (the coloring images mentioned, above).

A handy numbered tracing guide is displayed for each letter. I have talked about this on my blog in the past. I cannot stress how much I appreciate this feature, especially when it comes to teaching little ones how to write. I have my son initially use his finger to trace the lines of each letter according to their numbered order. I like getting him used to the order of writing each of those letter lines, so he feels more comfortable when it comes time to move over to the actual writing activities.


Each letter has a sequence of three letter tracing/writing activity pages and this pattern continues throughout, from A to Z. The first and second page of each letter offers the coloring and tracing activities, one page for upper case and another for lower case letters. These sequence of tracing activities help my son get warmed up for the third page of each letter, which includes a writing activity. Uniformed blocks, double spaced lines, and a color coded middle section help guide him with proper letter formation. It also helps him with neater positioning and equal spacing of the letters. The blocks are nice and large to accommodate younger children who are still developing their fine motor skills.

As an added bonus, I discovered that our workbook also included two pages of number tracing activities (zero through nine) in the back, so my son can also practice writing his numbers.
These worksheets have become such a excellent tool to help him with his letter writing skills. The writing pages with block formatting offer guidance in letter precision, which is a really handy feature to prepare him for when it comes time to graduate to basic lined notebook paper. We use the activity pages right in the book, but it's also worth noting that each individual page can be easily torn out for quick practice.

Made right in the United States and printed on high-quality paper, My First Letters is just one of the many helpful workbooks that Channie's offers. The company has also created activity books for learning cursive writing such Easy Peasy Cursive, as well as math activities like the One Page a Day: Double Digit Math Problem Workbook.

For more information on Channie's Visual Handwriting & Math Workbooks and their collection of children's visual learning resources, be sure to visit them on Facebook.

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