Fun Coloring and Activity Books to Get Ready for Olaf's Frozen Adventure

I couldn't wait to share these newest releases from Parragon Books, because I know we have some Frozen film fans out there. Elsa and Anna are the main characters of the movie, and cherished by so many children out there, but one of our personal favorites is definitely Olaf. He brought in so much comedy relief to the film. Needless to say, we were so excited to hear about the new short film release, Olaf's Frozen Adventure.

We've been gearing up for this new short film release with a few fun activity and coloring books, starring none other than our little snowman friend, Olaf. Parragon Books had sent us both Disney Frozen Snowflakes and Snowgies and Disney Olaf's Frozen Adventure: Little Snowman, Big Adventures, which we've been keeping quite busy with.


Join Olaf and all his Frozen friends for some warm hugs and fantastic festive adventures in Disney Olaf's Frozen Adventure: Little Snowman, Big Adventures. Featuring cool coloring pages, awesome activities and more than 30 stickers, this book is perfect for Frozen fans. Use the included four cool crayons to bring the Little Snowman and his Big Adventures to life!

It's time for some frosty fun in Disney Frozen Snowflakes and Snowgies. Perfect for any Frozen fan, this amazing book is packed with stickers, coloring, and activities. Complete the magical sticker scenes, draw your own little snowgie, help Olaf through the snowflake maze, and lots more!

Besides providing tons of fun for children, one of the things that I really like is that these books offer a vast amount of learning activities, even incorporating math and language arts. Both books also accommodate a broad age group. I was happy to see something for older children, as well as a lot of different activities for preschoolers, as well.

Little Snowman, Big Adventures

This adorable book not only offers a ton of coloring pages and fun activities for children to complete, but it also includes three different stories to read. In Happy Holiday, Elsa and Anna are looking for a new holiday tradition to share as a family. Olaf wants nothing more than to help them, so he ventures off to find some ideas and inspiration. Soon everyone learns that the ladies already has a family tradition all along. I won't ruin the end, but it's a cute story. Snow-and-Tell follows Olaf off to a day at school where he and the other children show off their collection of precious items to the class. In the third story, Family Fun, everyone is scrambling to throw a party for friends, Gerda and Kai. There is a lot of planning to be done and it's also a big surprise. Elsa and Anna must rely on Olaf and the gang to help them with the preparations, while also keeping the event a big secret. Although we haven't seen Olaf's Frozen Adventure, yet, I am going to assume from the logo on the top of the book that one or more of these stories are based off of the new short film.

Here are some of the activities that we've been enjoying...

My son enjoyed this one from Little Snowman, Big Adventures that challenged him to decipher what items Olaf was looking at through his icicle telescope.

As some of your may remember, he is also just learning how to write, so I was excited to see this letter tracing page included.

Other fun activities include spotting the difference between a select number carrots (Olaf's nose) and counting the cheese wheels that he had collected.

Did I forget to mention that Little Snowman, Big Adventures comes with over thirty Frozen character stickers and four crayons? This makes it a great book to take on the go, perfect for holiday road trips. There's even an answer key in the back of the book in case kids get stumped on an activity.

Snowflakes and Snowgies

See those little guys hanging around Olaf (on the cover, above), they're called snowgies, active little baby snowmen that like to get into all kinds of mischief. Snowgies and Snowflakes is neat, because it starts off with a story complete with full-color pages. Olaf goes to the ice palace to pay the snowgies a visit. Marshmallow, the snow giant is extremely tired. With the amount of snowgies he has to look after care, who wouldn't be?! Olaf takes over, showing them a day of fun, while also getting them all tuckered out for bedtime.

The book also contains over fifty stickers. We love stickers! Some of them are even used to complete the scenes of the story of those colored pages. Orange prompts remind children to use them to finish each page's story. The sticker sheets are also divided and noted with titles that match each part of the story, so we were able to decipher where they needed to be placed. I like that there were also leftover stickers labeled "Just for Fun," so my son could have fun doing whatever he wanted with the rest of them.

One of my son's favorite activities was using the included stickers to complete the scenes in the story.

The second half of the book offers a collection of coloring and activity pages. You'll find connect the dots, mazes, pattern sequence games, etc. The story that was told in the colored section is also retold on these pages, only in different wording.

We personally enjoyed this count the snowgie page. Anything that allows my son to show off his super number skills is a winner in my book. Kids can even draw in their own snowgie scene on this page.

You can pick up both Snowflakes and Snowgies and Little Snowman, Big Adventures on Amazon. There's tons of fun to be had in each book and they've been made available just in time for the holiday season and short film release of Olaf's Frozen Adventure. Both coloring and activity books would make a neat gift or stocking stuffer for children. Bring them to family parties, and the kiddos are sure to keep busy with all of the Frozen fun!

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