Reading Eggs: Award Winning Online Reading Program for Kids {Review}

I am a huge advocate for early childhood reading. It definitely helps that I'm also a total bookworm, but I firmly believe that developing an interest in books early on in life definitely leads to a lifelong enjoyment of reading. I started reading to my son as soon as he was born (actually even while I was pregnant with him), and now a few years later, he absolutely loves books and has shown such an eagerness to learn how to read by himself. Hey, I can brag, right? After all, I'm his biggest fan! I'm always looking out for programs and resources that will help him on his journey to be a successful reader, so a six-month subscription to Reading Eggs is just what I'd hoped for and more!

What is Reading Eggs?

Put together by a team of school teachers, writers, and web developers, Reading Eggs is a fun, interactive online program that aims to get children excited about reading. A membership includes three different reading programs to cover a broad age range, two through thirteen to be exact. These three programs are grouped by age category.

You have Reading Eggs Junior, which offers a fun collection of learning cartoons and sing-along videos. We initially played around in this area, but it was very brief. This is a nice program for really young children and is geared towards the two through four age range. 


You then have your traditional Reading Eggs program, which covers ages three through seven. The third reading program is called Reading Eggspress and is geared towards children in the seven through thirteen age group. The Reading Eggspress program is a little more advanced for what we're looking for at the moment, but definitely something I'd consider having my son work through when he's older. As of lately, we've been spending the bulk of our time in the traditional Reading Eggs program. 

Reading Eggs is all about gradual progression of language arts skills to eventually reach the goal of full on reading comprehension. You have two options when beginning the program. The one option is to start with the very first lesson offered. This is nice if your children are just beginning to learn the alphabet and phonetic sounds. If your children have already starting learning these items, you can have them take an assessment in order to gauge where they should start in the program. This is what we decided to do, and it has been working out really well. There's also the option of going back to previous lessons just in case we need a refresher. 


Kids will meet all sorts of interesting characters along the way. The program is depicted in almost a magical learning land where the student has to journey though his or her lessons, coming across different creatures and characters to help them along the way. Kids can also customize their own avatar using a collection of different animals. It's little additions like these that add to the fun and imagination of this program. 


The lessons offer a vast collection of different activities, which I especially like, since it keeps my son engaged, so he doesn't get bored. He loves anything that has to do with reading and language arts, but these aspects also make the lessons appear as if they're games. At the same time, he's getting in valuable practice in vocabulary, word sounds, and spelling. It's a win-win for all of us! Plus, the website offers printables that he can work through. These are especially handy for reviewing lessons that he's completed while we're not online. 

There are a few additional features that are not so much learning related, but will definitely appeal to children. As kids progress through the lessons and reading tasks, they'll accumulate eggs as rewards. These eggs are sort of a currency that allows them to grab neat items like clothes, games, and even furniture for their make believe house. There are other freebie areas (no eggs required) that offer a collection of extracurricular activities such as puzzles, quizzes, music activities, and even sing-along videos. I personally love that there's also a library area that offers over 2000 ebooks. Kids can read the books and answer quizzes to earn extra eggs for their account.


While our main focus was the reading aspect of Reading Eggs, I couldn't forget to mention that there's also a mathematics program that touches up on core math and problem solving skills. It's called Mathseeds, and it's geared towards children, ages three through nine. What a pleasant surprise to see it also included with our membership. We'll be starting this one up, shortly. I can't wait to come back and tell everyone about our experience. 

A brand new feature, allows parents to download a color-coded scope and sequence for children in kindergarten through 2nd grade. This provides a detailed overview of what needs to be covered throughout the Reading Eggs program and helps parents track their child's learning. The week-by-week guideline offers goals for both Reading Eggs and Mathseeds, and even lists resources from the Reading Eggspress library to also cover science and social studies.

Reading Eggs offers different pricing options for a membership. The cost for a six month subscription is $49.95 and the cost for a one year membership is $59. If you ask me, it is definitely worth getting the entire year for only $9.05 more. A membership will give you access to all four programs (Readings Eggs Junior, Reading Eggs, Reading Eggspress, and Mathseeds). You can also try Reading Eggs risk free with a FREE 2 week trial to see if it's something that will work for your family. For a limited time, Our Everyday Harvest readers can sign up for an even better offer that extends it to a *Free 4 week trial, instead. There's no credit card required, either, so you have nothing to lose.

One last thing that I almost forgot to mention–as children move through the Reading Eggs lessons, parents can check up on their status using the progress page, which shows quick stats, recent activities completed, the number of phonics skills and sight words learned, as well as the estimated reading age. One of the fascinating things that I discovered is that my son is now reading on a level that's almost a year and a half past his actual age. Wow, I knew he had a knack for it, but I never realized he was this far along! While we still have a little time before he is reading actual books all on his own, his progress report is very encouraging to say the least. What can I say, we are truly enjoying our Reading Eggs membership and I definitely recommend it to any parent (homeschooling or not) who's looking to give their children an edge up on their reading skills. 

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