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When it comes to homeschooling with a preschooler, we utilize a variety of different tools and resources for our lessons. More often than not, I'll find myself perusing a variety of different teaching blogs and websites in order to find some helpful educational printables. Sometimes we are working on a language arts lesson, and I'll need an activity sheet to pair up with a curriculum that we're using. Other times, I'll take a collection of printables on a specific subject and actually use those pages for a unit study. While there are so many great websites offering fantastic printables, the truth is, it can be quite bit time consuming spending hours upon hours searching and visiting different websites to find what I'm looking for. That's why I'm loving my Individual Membership to Super Teacher Worksheets.

Super Teacher Worksheets has tons of fabulous printable resources available, all in one place. The cost for a one year membership is only $19.95 and gives me unlimited access to thousands upon thousands of educational worksheets and other printable items. That's only about five cents a day!

We've been printing out worksheets in a variety of different subject areas including, but not limited to, language arts, math, science, and even seasonal themed learning activities. The website also continues to add brand new worksheets every week, so there's always something new available.

What I especially like about Super Teacher Worksheets (besides all of the fabulous printables) is that the website is extremely organized and has a few handy features for members. When you first log in to your account, you'll see a variety of different highlights in the left and middle sections of the member homepage. There are featured printables for that week, as well as groups of worksheets categorized by subject. Each subject is broken down into sections, as well. So let's say you want to find printable pages on percentages, you won't just sit there weeding through hundreds of files under the mathematics category until you find what you're looking for. No, that's not how it works. Instead, you'll view the math column, shown below.


You'll see a variety of different topics in the subject, and as you scroll down a bit more–voila there it is...


Once you click the Percents hyperlink, it will bring you to another page where all of the worksheets for this topic are offered. This listing also provides a brief description for each one.

I especially appreciate the details included in each description. Not only do you see a synopsis of what the worksheet entails, but you can also see the appropriate grade levels that they were created for.

You'll also notice four little circle icons under each description, as well as a View PDF icon. The "CC" logo provides a pop up notation on how that particular worksheet aligns with Common Core standards. The "lang" icon is really neat, because it actually offers the option of printing the worksheet in Spanish, instead of English. The magnify glass logo allows members to get a sneak peak at the worksheet before actually downloading it to the computer. The file icon allows members to save that worksheet to their Super Teacher Worksheets File Cabinet, which is almost like a bookmark option that allows you to hold worksheets in your account without the need to actually download them to your computer. This way you revisit them later on if you decide that you want to print them off. The View PDF area will allow you to automatically save that worksheet file to your computer.


The Worksheet Generator is another really neat feature that we have access to. It allows me to create my own printable worksheets using customized settings. I can make customized worksheets in a variety of different subject areas such as math and language arts. You can even create fun word searches and scrambles, as well as tests and quizzes. There are also a couple of teaching tools available; I personally like the calendar generator.

We started our membership to Super Teacher Worksheets just a few weeks ago, but we were quick to get printing. Not only is everything broken down by subject, but also grade level. My first stop was the Pre-K and Kindergarten section. This is where we've been spending the bulk of our time collecting printable activities to supplement our lessons and various unit studies. I was happy to also see a few certificates available, like this ABC Award for singing the Alphabet Song. We also printed a few others that include learning important emergency information such as phone numbers, addresses, and how to call 911.

My son loves his shapes and since we've moved on to learning more about the three-dimensional kind, the Solid Shapes pages really came in handy. He especially enjoyed this match-up activity where he paired items with the appropriate shapes that they resembled.

It's not all work around here; with a little one, there's definitely a lot of playtime. Of course, that doesn't mean I don't try to sneak in some educational play. This Alphabet Bingo was a sure hit for us. It's takes the fun of a traditional Bingo game and pairs it with a refresher on the ABCs. We used colored pom poms instead of bingo chips to play the game.

Another favorite was the Mini Book activities. Oh boy, did we have fun with this one! We printed the sheets and cut them along the dashed lines. I then stapled them to create adorable little educational books. A lot of what we created focused on different letters of the alphabet. My son's favorite was this Color the Pumpkins Mini Book, shown below. With Autumn officially here, I couldn't forget to add in a bit of seasonal fun, so we started with this one.

We eventually added in a few extra seasonal themed printables, such as these poem activities. Since we are just beginning the handwriting and reading phase, what I personally did was use these as a tool to practice listening skills. I read each poem to my son and then asked him questions that accompanied the poem (there are even answer keys in the back). There are plenty more seasonal activities included with a membership, and they're even listed under their own category to make searching for them quick and easy.

I have been working on reading with my little one, so I was able to find some handy spelling lists that contain simple two and three letter words to start with. I always like to give refresher lessons to keep my son on his toes, so I really liked the Missing Letter worksheets where I was able to quiz him on what letters were missing from the blank areas.

Tracing Pages...Oh Me, Oh My!

Tracing pages have pretty much become a staple in our home. With progressing towards teaching my son to write, we simply can't have enough of them. Super Teacher Worksheets has plenty of them to help him practice. I especially liked the ones that focus on one letter at a time, while also offering several recognition activities and sample words that begin with that letter. Tip: I personally like to laminate some of our tracing pages and use dry erase crayons or markers. This allows us to use the sheets over and over again without wasting a ton of paper and ink.

Science, yes they have worksheets for that too! Here's one where my son had to differentiate objects that were actual planets and those that were not. He then glued them into the correct column.

Here's a fun game that we've been playing practically everyday. My son rolls the die and then has to say the sequence of letters from the column that matches the number that he rolled. I also laminated these sheets to withstand continued use.

This is just a tiny glimpse of what we've being doing with our membership to Super Teacher Worksheets. It's resources like this that are such a blessing to a homeschooling mother like myself. With a whole new school year ahead of us, I'll definitely be visiting this site on a regular basis to grab more printable learning activities. You really can't beat the price for a whole year of unlimited access, and the fact that they're adding new worksheets every week means that there's always something fresh to look forward to.

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