This Year's Must-Have Christmas Books for Children

It's November and that means holiday season has officially kicked off, or at least in this house it has. Can you tell that I'm really excited about this? Right now, I am in full Christmas mode and ready to go! The holiday books are all out for the season, only getting us even more excited. There's plenty of old favorites and even a collection of new ones that we've been enjoying. If you're looking for new Christmas books to help get the family ready for the holiday season, then look no further. Here are seven wonderful children's books that you'll definitely want to add to your collection.


by Matt Tavares

Young bird lovers will enjoy this precious tale of Red and Lulu–two cardinals who live in an old evergreen tree in the suburbs. They love their home and cherish being there each and everyday. One day, while Red is out looking for food, the unthinkable happens. He comes home to find the tree being hauled away with Lulu in it. Lost in a big city and separated from his mate, it will take a lot of love and determination on Red's part to find her. We really enjoyed this book and the repeating line of O Christmas Tree throughout was my son's favorite, since I sang it out each time it came up in the book. The illustrations are beautiful and the story is so heartwarming. It really emphasizes the importance of being together with those you love, no matter where that may be.

by Patricia Toht

Here's a fun picture book that's great for children of all ages, although I personally think the younger ones will especially enjoy it, since it offer simple to read text with fun rhyming prose. As the title of the book suggests, a family is out to find a Christmas tree for their home. Each page offers detailed illustrations depicting every step of the Christmas tree preparations, from picking one to decorating it. The colors and matte pages of the book, give it almost a classic feel that reminds me of books that I personally owned when I was a little girl. I really like this aspect of the book. We also enjoyed how it really gets you in the Christmas spirit, because it's not just about putting up a tree, but celebrating and taking part in all of the festivities along with close friends and family.

by Bonny Becker

This is a humorous and heartwarming story about two friends, Bear and Mouse (part of the Bear and Mouse book series). Bear holds a little Christmas get-together for his friend, Mouse. While Bear has made every effort to host the best Christmas party, Mouse notices one thing missing...the presents. While Bear continues to remind Mouse that He has other things planned, Mouse still takes it upon himself to look up, down, and all around the house for his present, soon realizing there's none to be found...or is there? While at first glance this book may sound like it's overemphasizing presents as the main focus of the holiday, it really isn't. It's more of a humorous and silly tale, that soon evolves into a heartwarming story of best friends as they enjoy each other's company and spending the Christmas holiday together. My son really enjoyed the sweet ending of this story.


by Grahame Baker-Smith

I love reading this story to my I should admit it's more like singing it to him than reading it, since it's based off of the classic Christmas carol, but you get my drift. This book takes the story of someone gifting their true love a series of twelve different gifts. The repetitive words really make this a fun tale (or song) to teach little ones, so they can finish it off with you. One of the really neat things about this particular version is that it's a Panorama Pop book. So you have the extra fun of the seeing the gorgeous illustrations pop up in 3D form right before your eyes, but the book has almost an accordion style layout where it unfolds out to show a panoramic view of the pages. It's also really compact and comes in it's own cardboard protective case to carefully store it in.

by Michael Rosen

Lately, this has been my son's top pick. As I sit and read this to him, he loves to read it right along with me. This book is that same award-winning classic that tells the tell of a family who decides to go out on a bear hunt. It's a "beautiful day" and they're "not scared" as they make their trek through rivers, mud, and snowstorms. While this may not be your typical Christmas story, the new gift edition definitely offers the festive look of the season with a really neat front cover that imitates a snow globe (no water or glass, just tiny Styrofoam balls in plastic casing...very cute). We enjoy giving this a good shake before reading. In addition to that, the story is brought to life with 3D pop-up illustrations.



 by Joey Chou

 by Joey Chou

If you have children who enjoy crafts or putting things together, then the Make & Play books by Joey Chou are a must. I cannot stress how much fun we're having with both of these books. Each one has their own set of die cut shapes and characters that children can press out and put together (think paper doll sets). With both books, we've been putting together whole Nativity scenes, Christmas ornaments, gingerbread men, and so much more. The ornaments are neat, because they have actual holes where you can put a string or hook through in order to hang them from your Christmas tree. That's not all–in the back of each book, there are extra activities, songs, stories, and even holiday recipes to help get everyone in the Christmas spirit! 

All of these books are part of the holiday collection from Candlewick Press. For more information on additional book releases and other updates, be sure to visit them on social media.