Pass It On: A Proverbs Journal for the Next Generation

Reading Proverbs can be quite the experience, whether you're new to the Bible or not. The entire book offers little nuggets of wisdom, verse after verse. I have read it many times, and still walk away with something new each and every time. As a mother, I strive to be a role model to my son and want to share with him the wisdom that I've personally gained throughout my life, especially what I've learned during my walk with God. Pass it On by Champ Thornton is a Proverbs study guide, but that's not all–this book is also a journal that allows readers to share their own wisdom and insights with someone special in their life.

Pass it On provides readers with an opportunity to create a legacy of wisdom and faith and to share it with their children and grandchildren. As readers are guided through the book of Proverbs, they are asked to create their own personalized, wisdom journal with the aim of giving it to someone they love. Through careful study, answering questions, writing out prayers, and sharing personal stories, readers can create a lasting keepsake for themselves and for their families and friends.

Champ Thornton, MDiv, is associate pastor at Ogletown Baptist Church in Delaware. He has pastored in South Carolina and served as director of SOMA, a ministry training school in Columbus, OH. He is also the author of The Radical Book for Kids: Exploring the Roots and Shoots of Faith, God's Love: A Bible Storybook, and Bible curriculum for early and upper elementary-aged children. Champ and his wife, Robben, have been married since 1996 and have three children.

Pass it on provides the perfect opportunity for readers to grow in their understanding of the book of Proverbs, while also passing down that wisdom to younger generations. The beginning of the book contains a chapter called a Bird's- Eye View of Proverbs. This provides a complete overview of Proverbs. Each subsequent chapter includes one section of Proverbs (thirty-one chapters). Every one of these chapters has a similar layout that includes a guided tour of that particular chapter in Proverbs, an At-A-Glance section that breaks down the verses and their messages, and the complete Proverb in its entirely with verse numbers and all. It doesn't end there, since this is also a journal, a final area in each chapter called Reflections offers a series of questions, as well as lined areas to write in. Some questions allow me to write about what I've just read, while others offer me the chance to share my own personal experiences from the past. There are even a few areas that allow me to personalize a prayer.

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I really like the physical features of this book, right down to the teal and mustard colored leathersoft cover. The pages insides are printed with high-quality, thick paper. Really, the only thing that's missing is one of those ribbon books marks to help me keep my place as I move from chapter to chapter. The back of the book conveniently offers an organized topical index where readers can reference popular topics in order to find where they're located in the actual book of Proverbs (or even in this book, since each chapter in Proverbs is laid out right before the journaling sections.) The topics are divided into five different categories, God, Creation, People Self, and, Wisdom. Under each of those topics are several subtopics. For instance under People you will find subtopics such as Healthy Relationships, Responses to Difficult People, Family, etc. Each of those subtopics is also further broken down into a collection of additional topics. 

I really appreciate the whole concept of Pass it On. Proverbs has personally been such an enjoyable book for me to read, and as I had briefly mentioned, above, it always sparks something new each time I read it. In the beginning of this book, the author mentions that each chapter in Proverbs isn't meant to be read in one sitting, but instead, "meant to be savored piece by piece." Having a book that breaks apart the pearls of wisdom offered in Proverbs makes this an amazing resource for both new and seasoned readers. Not only that, but the author incorporates a set of detailed questions and reflections for the original reader to jot down their personal thoughts and experiences, so that it can be passed down to someone special in their life. This book is a study guide, reference book, and personal journal all wrapped into one. I personally look forward to passing my completed journal down to my son when he gets a little older.