There's Nothing Like the First Snowfall of the Season: A Song for Snow {Picture Book Review}

Although I am not the biggest fan of snow, there's nothing like waiting for that very first snowfall of the season. It's something to look forward to, especially when it happens right around the holiday season. I don't know, I guess it sort of fits the mood for Christmas. A Song for Snow is our latest picture book that celebrates that very first snowfall of the season, and features two owl siblings named Hoot and Peep.

A young owl experiences the magic of a first snowfall—the quiet wintery wonder, the pristine beauty, and snowballs!—in this follow-up to the adorable Hoot and Peep

Lita Judge is the award winning author and illustrator of 22 fiction and nonfiction books including Mary’s Monster, a YA novel about Mary Shelley and the creation of Frankenstein. Her picture books include Born in the Wild, Red Sled, Hoot and Peep, and One Thousand Tracings, winner of the International Reading Association Award and an ALA Notable Book. Her book, Flight School, was adapted into an off-Broadway musical and is currently running in New York and China. She lives in Peterborough, NH.

Hoot is almost like a mentor to his younger sister, Peep. When he briefly mentions that snow will be coming soon, Peep cannot help, but get excited. Not only has she never even heard of snow, but she's eager to hear its "song." Hoot takes Peep to the best spot where they'll enjoy waiting for the snow. As they travel, Peep can hardly contain herself. She must know what snow's song sounds like. Does snow drop, polppety splop, like the rain's song? Does it scrinkle scrattle like falling leaves? Unfortunately, Hoot's memory is kind of fuzzy, since he was quite young when he had first heard it, himself. Peep asks another animal friend, but unfortunately he doesn't know, either. It won't be long before Peep finds out, firsthand, what the song of snow really sounds like. 

A Song for Snow is a magical story that children will relate to, especially if they get excited about that first snowfall during the winter months. Of course, no snowfall would be complete without a fun snowball fight, which we also see in the story. Whimsical illustrations bring the story to life, and the wide-eyed look on each animal's face as they stare in glee when it finally begins to snow is truly priceless! My son and I enjoyed this story quite a bit. He even brought his great horned owl plush toy in on the reading fun, since it closely resembled the main characters of the story.

A Song for Snow will be released on November 14, 2017, and is definitely a fun book for the kids to read as they welcome in the winter months and very first snowfall of the season. 

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