Holiday Arts and Crafts Time with the Thin Stix Creativity Pack {Review + GIVEAWAY}

One of the highlights of our week is the time we spend doing arts and crafts. Sometimes it's just drawing or coloring simple pictures, other times we like to create a special project. We typically have a large collection of art supplies and media to work with, but a lot of times we use items such as crayons, colored pencils, markers, and paint to complete our projects. Recently we've been using the Thin Stix Creativity Pack from The Pencil Grip, Inc., which is a whole new kind of product for us.

Thin Stix are actual tempera paint sticks. They have physical exterior features that are similar to a marker, but the application of color goes on like paint. It's like having the best of both worlds–and hands down, a must-have for any home with young children! A few weeks ago, I had a brief moment to try out the traditional Kwik Stix, which are wonderful. I even picked some up for my son's Christmas stocking this year, since I knew he'd love them. Little did I know, he'd have a chance to try out the Thin Stix only a few weeks later. These are very similar to the original Kwik Stix, only a bit longer and skinnier.

Thin Stix come in different types of package sizes, but the Creativity Pack contains twenty-four different colors in a vast collection of hues. There are twelve classic colors, as well as six neon shades and six "metalix" (AKA metallic colors). Our favorites were the classic colors and the metallic ones, but honestly we enjoyed using them all. With such a beautiful collection of hues, really the hardest part is choosing which ones to go with.

While we used these for basic drawing activities, with the holiday season now upon us, we've been putting together a collection of fun artwork with wooden Popsicle sticks. I had been keeping these projects on the back burner for when the season got closer. We were just going to use traditional paint and markers, but since we had received the Creativity Pack around the same time, I thought to myself, what better way to put the Thin Stix into action. Let just say, I was beyond happy with the results. These leave a nice paint-like finish and the colors are so vibrant.

We began using these in October at the peak of autumn season, so we initially started with some fun candy corn crafts using the wooden sticks. We did these in a variety of different ways–gluing the sticks together then coloring them in, to first coloring them and then gluing them. My son, of course, received the official title of "coloring director" throughout all of these projects.

This one was another favorite! We were doing a mini unit study on The Legend of the Five Kernels, so we went ahead and put this neat Indian corn craft together. The Creativity Pack had the perfect hues that we needed to create it.

We then moved on to creating a collection of Christmas ornaments (lots of them) to deck out our tree this season. We used our Thin Stix and wooden Popsicle sticks to create all kinds of festive designs.

The metalix colors were amazing! I love how they give off a subtle sparkle. We used these to create a few dazzled up ornaments like these snowflakes (we tried a silver shade from the metalix hues, as well as a mix of blues from the neon and classic colors).

And then these golden Christmas stars (using gold from the metalix collection):

My son loved doing these Santa hats using red Thin Stix and cotton balls:

One of my personal favorites were these Christmas trees. Not only did we find beautiful shades of green to use, but then we had extra fun decorating them:

No Christmas tree can be complete without a baby Jesus ornament:

I am not going to lie, with a young child arts and crafts time can be quite the messy event. I can't complain, because my son enjoys this time so much, and honestly so do I. Of course the clean up process afterwards is always my least favorite part. The ease of use and the quick drying time had to be two of my favorite features with the Thin Stix. Seriously, it has cut down my clean up time drastically. There are no paint cups to empty and clean. If some of the tempera paint accidentally gets on my son's hands, it washes right off. That brings me to another point, and that is the fact that these are non-toxic, which gives me great peace of mind.

While I mentioned, above, that these are a must-have for homes with younger children, let me just say that the Thin Stix are fabulous for all ages. I also had a blast using them–I may just purchase an additional set for myself. They are a ton of fun and so versatile, since they can be used on paper, cardboard, wood, etc. Plus they have vibrant colors that go on like paint, but with the ease of using a simple mess. Now that we have these in our home, we can't be without them.

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