100 Favorite Bible Verses for Children {Review + GIVEAWAY}

No matter what our day to day homeschool schedule brings, one thing that remains the same is the fact that we keep everything Christ-centered. In addition to reading the Bible or working through lessons in Biblical history, we've also been practicing scripture memorization. In the past, I've shared how I like to keep a scripture notebook that includes all of my favorite verses from the Bible. In addition to going right to the source, I can open up my notebook and skim through the labels that I created in order to find that one special message that speaks to me.

One of the other pluses about keeping a scripture journal is that it also helps me with memorization, which is extremely important in my spiritual growth. I want my son to also grow in his walk with the Lord, by learning some of the most important verses throughout the Bible and keeping them to memory. We've recently been blessed with a beautiful new tool for kids called 100 Favorite Bible Verses for Children, which has been helping us with this.

100 Favorite Bible Verses for Children includes best-loved verses for children and parents to learn together. The verses are in various translations and are paired with fun devotions and prayers. Full of charming animal illustrations, this is an excellent choice for families who want their children to learn God’s Word and apply it in their lives.

I love that the book is compact in size, so we can take it on the go if need be. The exterior has a hardcover with fun, whimsical illustrations of adorable animals. The inside pages also offer these same illustrations throughout, but not in an excessive way that takes away from the overall theme of the book. These pages are glossy and full of bright colors and fun borders. 

One of the other neat inclusions that I didn't expect to find in this book is that it is actually set up like a devotional. It soon dawned on me that this is just like another book that I currently own from the same publisher called 100 Favorite Bibles Verses. Only this one is specifically made for children. Each two-page spread is numbered, one through one hundred) The left side of the page offers a thought of the day and introduction to the verse that the reader is about to learn, following by a quick one to two sentence prayer. The adjacent page displays the verse of the day in large letters. 

The number set-up allows children the option to read and learn about a new verse everyday or work through multiple verses. Since we are working on scripture memorization, we like to spend a little extra time on a single verse, sometimes a week or two for each one. This is something that we've been doing already, and this book serves as a fantastic resource to help us with that. The only two things that I wish were included are a table of contents to list all of the verses inside this the book, as well as several additional journaling pages for children to jot down some of their favorite verses that may not already be included. The original 100 Favorite Bibles Verses includes both of these features, and I personally find them to be extremely helpful. 

An interesting thing that I've discovered upon reading this is that the verses included are actually taken from multiple Bible translations. For instance, one day a verse will be taken from the International Children's Bible (ICB), while another day will have a verse pulled up from the New International Version (NIV). Other translations used are the New King James Version (NKJB), the New Century Version (NCV), and the Contemporary English Version (CEV). I think one of the hardest things that I've discovered when teaching my son passages from the Bible, was explaining that there are many different versions. For instance, we say The Lord's Prayer in the King James translation, but sometimes we'll listen to a Bible storybook in the NIV translation and the wording will be slightly different, which always leads to extra talking points. This feature in the book may or may not appeal to folks who prefer everything in one translation. I try to look at it as a great teaching point in explaining why we have so many different translations of the Bible. 

All in all, we're really enjoying this book and my son has been eager to learn more about the different verses included. I love that it makes a great companion to our everyday Bible study sessions. Don't forget to also check out my post to learn more about 100 Favorite Bibles Verses, which is a wonderful version for both adults and teens.

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