365 Bible Answers for Curious Kids

Children can be quite inquisitive when it comes to learning about God and the Bible. This is actually a wonderful thing! I love being able to sit and teach my son the word of God. Of course, I don't always have all the answers. Hey, even I come up with my own questions from time to time. We've recently been sitting together to read a new devotional called 365 Bible Answers for Curious Kids. I like having children's books around that help share the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about the Christian faith, and this one is fantastic, because it offers that and more.

365 Bible Answers for Curious Kids comes in a hardcover addition with a bright, fun front cover that shows an inquisitive little girl with her face in the Bible. This is the overall theme of the book, finding the answers to the many questions that children may begin asking, such as What is a Parable?, Why did Jesus have to die?, and What is the difference between Jew and Gentile? What sets this book apart from others like it, is that it not only includes some of the typical questions children may ask, but also some rare and out of the ordinary ones, such as Is it okay to write in my Bible?, What is the Thorn of Paul's Flesh?, What's the difference between a pastor, priest, and minister?, and What is the most famous song about God's Holy Spirit?

I have to be honest, I found myself having some aha moments when reading this. There were fun facts that I didn't even know. Even though this is a children's devotional, it's the type of study that would be wonderful for the entire family to sit down together to read and discuss. Each devotion is dated from January 1st through December 31st. Even though the title of the book mentions "365 Bible Answers," there is actually 366 to accommodate for a leap year. I thought this was a really neat inclusion.

While there are some design elements on the inside pages, there aren't any actual illustrations of animals, people, objects, etc. The layout is very simple and straightforward. Each devotion starts with a main question and scripture verse. Children are invited to do further research in their Bible on this verse, later on. The thought for the day includes helpful information and fun facts to answer the question. The devotion then ends with a short prayer. Some pages even offer a small notation on where children can find other devotions in the book that are also related to that topic of discussion.

The back of the book offers a helpful index that lists all the questions that will be answered in the book. These are divided into major topics such as Time, God, God's Promise, Jesus, The Bible, The Church, Being a Christian Here and Now, etc. With the holiday season here, I didn't want to forget to mention that the index has an entire set of topics related to Christian seasons, holidays, and traditions. Here you can find the answers to questions like What is Advent?, Why Do People Spell Christmas "Xmas?", and What is the difference between St. Nicholas and Santa Claus? One of my favorite set of questions and answers are the ones pertaining to famous Christians. Children can learn about C.S Lewis, Billy Graham, and Corrie ten Boom.

365 Bible Answers for Curious Kids is a wonderful Christian learning tool for children of all ages. Parents who have younger children can sit and read this with their little ones (what we do), while older children can go ahead and read this on their own. Either way, it makes a fantastic resource to have in the home that teaches all about the Christian faith.