Convenient Kid's Meal and Snack Products for the Busy Holiday Season

I am always in high gear this time of the year. We have personal family celebrations and then of course there's the holidays. Needless to say, if we're not out and about, we are running through house doing something. It's always go, go, go. We also homeschool all year round. I guess you can say we're busy people. Of course, that doesn't mean we don't have time for meals and snacking throughout the day. We definitely need the fuel to keep our bodies running, especially for my little one. I personally like having a good set of snack containers and cups that offer the convenience and versatility of being able to grab on the go, but are also practical enough for at home. That's where Nuby's Wash or Toss Straw Cups and Stackable Bowls come in!

With the Wash or Toss Straw Cups you get a pack of four and a set of Wash or Toss Stackable Bowls comes with a total of six. These come in a ton of fun, bright colors for kids to enjoy (yellow, red, green, purple, blue, etc.). Both the cups (including lids and straws) and bowls are dishwasher safe and BPA free. They also store great, because they stack into each other, which definitely saves kitchen cabinet space. I like that they are also semi-transparent, so you can actually see the contents inside. Each cup and bowl comes with its own lid, you can match the colors or mix them up for a little fun. They just snap right on and stay put. No extra valves or threading to worry about.

With the name "Wash or Toss," you can probably guess that these will also suffice as disposable bowls and cups. While the plastic is somewhat thinner than a typical everyday-use container or cup, in my personal opinion they're still thick and sturdy enough to not be "toss worthy." Of course, since these are so competitively priced, we won't necessarily feel so bad if we accidentally leave a container or cup somewhere while we're out and about.

I especially like using the straw cups for my son's milkshakes and smoothies. I mean after all, the best way to drink those is with a good straw cup. These are not only the perfect size, but the free flow straws are also nice for his age. The stackable bowls have a compact size that make them wonderful for snacks at home or on the go. I can just throw the lid on and pop it in my purse when we're heading out the door.

While we are on the topic of convenience, I have to share another great product from Nuby that we've been using, the Sure Grip Feeding Bowl. Some of you may remember my previous review for the Sure Grip Miracle Mat Section Plate. Let me tell you, I love that thing. It's versatile in that it works for babies all the way up to preschool and kindergarten aged children. The suction bottom almost allows it to lock in place, so wherever you put it, that's where it actually stays. The same holds true for the Sure Grip Feeding Bowl. It's made with the same material as the Miracle Mat, with durable 100% silicone that also BPA, PVC, and Phthalate free.

The bowl is smaller in size, so it's great for dinner and lunch side dishes. I put things like rice, pasta, and salads in it during mealtime. It also works wonderfully as a snack bowl. Whether my son is munching on some almonds or carrot sticks in the living room, or while he's doing arts and crafts on his work table, this nifty little bowl stays put, even if his arm or hand accidentally nudges it.

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