Holiday Craft Finds from the Dollar Store {Week 2: Felt Gingerbread Man}

Dollar stores can be a fabulous place to find some great homeschooling supplies. With the holiday season upon us, there are also plenty of Christmas themed resources for preschool arts and crafts projects.

Today, I'm sharing part two of my Holiday Craft Finds at the Dollar Store series. In part one of the series, I shared how we filled some ball ornaments for the Christmas tree by filling them with festive confetti and tinsel pom-poms. This activity is a simple and easy craft for young children that's also wonderful for practicing fine motor skills.

This week, we began a new project that actually only took a few minutes to do, but still offered tons of enjoyment for my preschooler. As I was perusing the shelves of my local dollar store a few weeks ago, I spotted an adorable felt gingerbread craft kit. The package has everything you need inside to create a fun and festive gingerbread man, and you don't need to purchase additional materials. 

Although the felt pieces do stick to each other, they aren't the strongest, so what I did was take a piece of double-sided sticky tape to keep them in place. You could also us a glue stick if need be. There is no way of hanging this, so what I also did was use some thick cross stitch floss that I had on hand to thread a loop through the top of the head area.

My son had so much fun with this! There was no mess and it was super easy to they make adorable house decorations for the holiday! My only regret is that I didn't purchase more of these kits. That, and the store also had an adorable felt Christmas tree kit, and I can't for the life of me figure out why I didn't grab that one when I had the chance, because now I can no longer find it. That goes to show you, when you see something that you like, grab it while you can or you may not have the chance next time. Of course, the season is not over, so I may get lucky.

Be sure to stay tuned, next week, where 
I'll be sharing my third Christmas craft find from the dollar store.

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