Holiday Craft Finds from the Dollar Store {Week 3: Foam Gingerbread Man}

Welcome to the third and final installment of my Holiday Craft Finds from the Dollar Store series. For the past couple of weeks, I've been sharing some of my favorite picks from our Christmas themed arts and crafts projects. During week one, we made some Christmas ball ornaments using some fun, festive trinkets, and during week two we put together our felt gingerbread man. For week three, we continued with the whole gingerbread theme, only this time we made gingerbread men out of foam sheets.

I always like to keep a stash of foam craft sheets on hand. We use them for a variety of different things like learning games and art projects. Now, I'm not the best tracer or cutter, so when I find sheets that are already cut out like these (below), I make sure to jump on grabbing plenty for our supply. I love that this pack comes with a total of twelve foam gingerbread for only a $1.00! 

I pulled out a bunch of different trinkets from our arts and craft closet that we could use. We had some of the tinsel pom-poms leftover from our ornament craft activity during week one, as well as a few odds and ends like plastic googly eyes, metallic pipe cleaners (from our Popsicle stick Christmas tree project), and little gem stickers.

This is one of those fun projects where anything goes! I leave out the glue dots/sticks and other supplies, and then we have at it. The whole family can get in on the crafting fun! When we were done, I threaded in some cross stitch floss through the head area, so that we could hang them on the Christmas tree.

The possibilities are endless with these foam gingerbread man cutouts. You could draw on them using markers and paint, or just do what we did, above, and decorate them with all kinds of crafty chachkas. As long as the kiddos are having fun and enjoying themselves, that's all that matters. 

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