The Psalms & Proverbs Devotional for Women {Book Review}


Can you believe that 2018 is only a couple of weeks away! Whoa...this year has just flown by! Even though each year is a continuation of the last, we sometimes like to think of it as a fresh start. With the new year comes those good old resolutions and special goals that we all set for ourselves. One of the things that I like to do is start a new Bible reading plan and devotional. Perhaps many of you who are reading this, right now, are looking to do the same. Recently, I have been getting a head start on that goal with my newest inspirational read, The Psalms & Proverbs Devotional for Women.

Women are searching for wisdom beyond themselves, for discernment that makes God’s will and way clear for daily living. No books in Scripture hold more instruction for how to live according to divine wisdom than do Psalms and Proverbs, and these daily devotions mine their riches with choice, seasoned counsel. Blessed will be the woman who pursues this path to wisdom with passion and commitment.

I've always enjoyed reading both Psalms and Proverbs. There is such an abundant amount of wisdom and encouragement offered from each of these books in the Bible. It's difficult to not want to go back and reread them over and over again. Needless to say, having a women's devotional with a main focus on both of these books is actually really nice. Each day to day devotion offers advice and encouraging words from a group of spiritually-guided women that come from all different backgrounds and seasons in their lives, which brings a little something special to this book.

The aesthetics are lovely with a pretty teal imitation leather hardcover that offers a feminine touch. There is also a pretty matching teal ribbon bookmark to help keep my place. Inside are 366 devotions to read for each day of the year (that extra day is included for leap years). The days are numbered, but not dated, which gives me a little added flexibility when reading this. I could start from the beginning, I could start in the middle, or go right to something that strikes my interest towards the back of the book. Either way, it's easy to get in that special message of the day to mediate on. 

Each devotion opens with a scripture passage from either Psalms or Proverbs, followed by the reading of the day, and then closes with a small prayer. One of the other neat additions to each daily reading is that a few extra lines are included that allow me to journal in my own personal reflections based upon what I've just read. The back also offers a mini biography for each contributor of this book. Some folks may not really find this important, but I personally enjoy reading a little bit about the authors of a devotional. It gives things a more personal touch, because you are getting a glimpse at who is writing these special words of encouragement for you. 

As an added bonus, there is also a daily Bible reading plan (by month) that solely focuses on the book of Psalms and Proverbs. This is nice for those who enjoy a structured layout of what to read. Another thing to note, and one that I actually appreciate is that this devotional doesn't just jump around between bits and pieces of the Psalms and Proverbs. The first 250 days offer meditations that focus on Psalms, while the final 116 devotions focus on Proverbs. Everything is well organized, because the authors also took care to go in order of the actual books (Psalm 1 through 150 and Proverbs 1 though 31).

The Psalms & Proverbs Devotional for Women is a lovely book that would make a spectacular gift for the holiday season. What better way to ring in the new year by reading a new devotional that uplifts the spirit and allows you to spend more quality time in God's word!