Crafty Fun for Valentine's Day

Can you believe that it's already the middle of January? Where does the time go?! I know that I'm personally still recuperating from the Christmas a good way, of course! With our weekly preschool lessons and activities I always make sure to include a few fun arts and crafts projects. The next holiday that we're getting all ready for is Valentine's Day. Now I have to be honest, I never made too much of a big deal out of this time of year, although I do like to add a few decorations here and there. Nowadays, I have taken more of a liking to some of the smaller holidays, mainly in part, because we get to enjoy fun activities to celebrate them.

I always keep a collection of fun hands-on projects for special times of the year. Recently, we've also been seeking the help of Oriental Trading to get us all ready for the Valentine's Day festivities. It's not just about small party favors and trinkets, although I have to say I love checking out all those things, too. There is just so much more to discover over at their store, and our latest shopping trip has us all in the mood for the upcoming Valentine's Day holiday, with crafts and homemade decorations. What's neat is that a lot of their arts and crafts items come in multiples, so you may pay one low price and receive plenty of duplicate sets of the item. This allows us to create a project at home and then make additional quantities to share with loved ones. I know our family just loves it when they receive a special creative gift from my son

What I absolutely love about Oriental Trading, besides all the neat things you can find, is that they offer plenty of items that share Christian principles and values. Being a Christian family, this is very important to us, and it just makes me so much more appreciative that I'm able to easily find these items as I browse their website.


One of the items that initially stood out for me were these “Promises From God” Sign Craft Kits. Now at first glance, you may not automatically see this as a Valentine's Day craft, but for my family and I, the holiday is all about spreading joy and love. What's more important than sharing the news of God's love for us, and this decorative foam ornament craft is the perfect way to get the message out to loved ones. There are multiple heart stickers that come in different colors, confirming those special promises that the Lord makes to his children. Each craft comes with directions, but kids can pretty much get creative and stick the hearts anywhere they choose. The larger middle heart quotes a special Bible verse from 1 John 4:8, and reminds us that "God is love."


Since we enjoy making some of our Valentine's Day activities centered around our values, while also spreading the news of God's love, I could not pass up the opportunity for us to try these adorable God’s Love Lacing Cards. I've been helping my preschooler practice his fine motor skills by doing activities such as threading and lacing, so these cards have been tremendously helpful with that. Plus, he gets to learn about Biblical truths as he uses them. A pack comes with twenty-four cards and colored laces (in six different designs), so there's plenty to share with family and friends. 


My son just loves Charlie Brown and the rest of the Peanuts gang! Watching him play with his Peanuts toys always gives me this sort of nostalgic feeling, especially since I also enjoyed them quite a bit when I was a little girl. As I was perusing the website, I came across so many different products that included those beloved cartoon characters, I nearly jumped for joy (yes, I literally did!). 

He was so excited when I started pulling out our craft activities for the day, especially when he saw Charlie, Snoopy, and Woodstock. These adorable Peanuts Valentine's Day Sign Craft Kits are so quick and easy to complete since all of the foam pieces are actual stickers–no additional supplies are needed. Simply peel off the paper in the back and place them onto the large heart. Each decoration comes with a string for easy hanging. We had a couple of these displayed around the house, and since the pack contains twelve, we were able to make a few extras for family members. 

How about incorporating the best of both worlds, Peanuts characters and Biblical truths? That's just what these Peanuts Inspirational Spring Magnet Craft Kits do. My son is able to learn important values of life while putting together crafts, displaying some of his favorite cartoon characters. The neat part–they're magnets–so when he's done, we can display them on the fridge for all to see. This set comes with four different designs, Charlie Brown and Snoopy, Sally, Woodstock, and Snoopy with Woodstock. The complete pack makes twelve, so we received three of each design.

No Valentine's Day arts and crafts kit could be complete without foam hearts! The Valentine Hearts Galore pack comes with 400 hearts in a variety of different sizes (a half inch to two inches) in three colors–white, red, and pink. They arrived in sheets, but the hearts are super easy to punch out. I do think it's important to note that these are simple foam hearts that are not adhesive. We've already done some projects with them using glue dots and regular school glue, which both work great. I personally like that they don't have sticker backs, because we can use them in other activities and games, for instance Valentine's Day Bingo. Be sure to stay tuned later on this week where I'll be sharing one of the art projects we put together using these hearts. 


Since it is all about Valentine's Day, we couldn't forget about making some extra special gifts for our loved ones. I was sure to pick up a few additional products, so that my son could make some Peanuts themed gifts for our family.

We started with these adorable Peanuts Inspirational Pails (that come in four different colors) and filled them with a few fun trinkets to fit the theme:

These are great as a novelty item to display or for fun play...think hacky sack!

These are beautiful for both children and adults, and make perfect placeholders in Bibles and devotionals.

One roll offers a fun variety of 100 Valentine's Day stickers, featuring some of our favorite Peanuts characters.

I love how the pails and bookmarks matched the theme of the Peanuts Inspirational Spring Magnet Craft Kits we did (shown above). We were sure to also add those to the gift pails. We are waiting until Valentine's Day gets closer to give these to loved ones and might even add some candy, but here's a sneak peak of how they turned out, so far:


Of course this mama wanted to treat herself to a little special something to brighten up the home for the holiday. These wooden Nesting Heart Trays were just the finishing touch to add to our Valentine's Day home decor. This is a nice, lightweight set that comes with three different size trays that can sit into each other or be used separately. 



I'm using mine for miscellaneous candy and treats, but before doing so, we turned them into craft dishes to really get the whole ambience going for our fun-filled Valentine's Day activities.

The craft kits that we received are fantastic for even the youngest of children. They're easy to put together and there was no additional prep work involved.  Have you and your children been partaking in some fun activities and crafts to celebrate the upcoming Valentine's Day holiday? I'd love to hear about sure to share them in the comments section, below. 

Need some inspiration? You can also check out Oriental Trading online and connect with them on social media. Also, stay tuned later on this week where I'll be sharing one of the projects that we made using those foam hearts mentioned, above.

Crafty Valentine's Day Fun for the Whole Family