Developing a Heart for Prayer: ICB Prayer Bible for Children {Review + GIVEAWAY}

When it comes to finding a good children's Bible, you really don't have to search far these days. There are so many fantastic choices out there, each with their own set of unique capabilities and features to suit your child's needs. Our latest find, the ICB Prayer Bible for Children teaches the word of God, while also emphasizing the importance of prayer, and how to put it into practice in your child's daily life.

Help your children develop a heart for prayer with the new Prayer Bible for Children. This colorful Bible in the ICB version highlights the most famous and beloved prayers featured in the Bible throughout the text. From Abraham’s prayers to the Jesus praying before his the way Paul prayed for the churches he planted, this Bible will teach young readers about a God who loves to hear from His children and loves answering prayers.

Along with traditional Bible text that includes all sixty-six books, the ICB Prayer Bible for Children contains 160 additional pages dedicated to prayer, as well as plenty of extra special features to help enhance a child's Bible study experience. The recommended age range for this particular Bible is six through ten, although the lower end of this age bracket may find it a bit more complex, depending on their reading level, I personally recommend that a parent be involved in helping younger children read this until they're more comfortable to do so by themselves. With that being said, there is something quite special about the International Children's Bible and how its translation helps to speak to younger kids, so that they can fully grasp the message being read. It's not meant to be a storybook or paraphrased version of the Bible, but rather a translation that is specifically written to speak to children in a way that they can fully understand, all this while remaining as true to the original manuscripts in the Hebrew and Greek languages. 

Here are just some ways in which the ICB translation works for children:

  • It converts ancient/traditional measurements to more modern ones currently used today.
  • Geographical terms are updated to their modern day name (Mediterranean Sea instead of the Western Sea) and presented with consistency throughout, rather than using variant names. 
  • Special footnotes for important ancient customs that may seem peculiar for modern day readers are included.
  • More literal terms are used when figures of speech are involved, in order to avoid potential misunderstandings of is being discussed. At the same time the text stays true to the meaning of the Word.
  • Rhetorical questions are worded to read more like a statement.

The exterior is really beautiful. It has a hard navy blue cover with gold writing and illustrations of clouds and hot air balloons spread around. The interior portion of the Bible closely resembles a mature, adult Bible with smaller text (although a bit larger than some Bibles I personally own), and thin, delicate pages. Its overall design is definitely better suited for older children, but the simple, child-friendly ICB translation makes it a wonderful choice to read to the youngest of children, which is what I personally do with my own child. There aren't a lot of illustrations to look at inside, however there are sixty-four bonus pages that come in full-color and display pictures of clouds, kites, and hot air balloons to match the outside cover. 

Some of the other features that make this a fantastic Bible for children, include:

  • Table of contents divided between the Old and New Testament
  • A Key Verse Highlights topical index that cover some important topics. These passages are also highlighted in blue throughout the Bible to allow them to stand out among the rest of the text.
  • A Prayer Article Index that leads to special pages that highlight stories and examples in which prayer was used by God's people.
  • Extra footnotes and a dictionary in the back of the Bible in order to comprehend some of the more complex words and study topics. These words are labeled in bold letters throughout the Bible text, so children know to check the dictionary for further clarification.
  • Bold subjects heads to introduce children to the stories they're about to read.
  • Special pages with poem prayers and Q&A to help children understand more about prayer and highlight some of the typical questions they may ask. 
  • Additional lined prayer request pages in the back for journaling

Another neat bonus is the inclusion of a matching prayer journal. This is a separate book that comes with the Bible, that can be used in addition to the extra provided prayer request pages mentioned, above. The prayer journal contains plenty of space to jot down special prayer request, and even praise reports on prayers that were already answered. 

With plenty of extra features all dedicated to the subject of prayer, the ICB Prayer Bible for Children is a wonderful addition to any child's Bible study. This is especially the case if they are seeking to learn more about praying, how it was used during Biblical times, and how it can be used today in our daily lives. Older children will love that that it offers a more mature layout that's similar to an adult Bible, while younger children will enjoy the simple to read translation made to speak specifically to them.

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