Fun with Color: Magic Stix Washable Markers {Review + GIVEAWAY}

It's no secret that arts and crafts time is a huge hit in our homeschool. It is actually one of the highlights of my son's week when he can build up on his creative skills using a variety of different tools and resources to complete a project. Lately, we've been introduced to a new collection of art tools for our creative endeavors, the Magic Stix Washable Markers from The Pencil Grip, Inc.

When I purchase art products for my son, one of the things that I personally look for is that they're non-toxic. This is extremely important to me, since he is still quite young and does have a tendency to get colors (paint, ink, etc.) on his hands. The Magic Stix Markers are both non-toxic and completely odorless. The later being another extremely important feature that can sometimes be overlooked until the purchase is already made. As a mother, the last thing I want is for my child to be inhaling toxic fumes from his art supplies. Anything that is odorless gets an A+ in my book. 

The Pencil Grip, Inc. puts out two different Magic Stix sets, a 12-pack and a 24-pack. We received the 24-pack and I just have to say that I love that this contains a complete collection of different hues. In addition to your traditional blue, green, red, etc., you have in between colors. For instance, this set includes five different shades of green, three different shades of pink, and four different blues, from light to dark. The variety really allows children to expand on their color choices when creating an art project. The sky's the limit with this set (oh and yes, there is a "sky blue" included). The marker tips are also nice for a variety of different coloring or drawing projects, since they are not too skinny or too wide.

One of the features that originally intrigued me about the Magic Stix, is the claim on the packaging that states that the caps can be left off of them for up to seven days without the ink actually drying out. Now I have to admit, I was quite the skeptic. I don't think I've ever previously owned a marker that can live up to this feat. Since this is a guarantee that the company stands behind, I definitely wanted to put it to the test. I decided to make the black marker my test subject, since I felt it would be the most noticeable color if there were any hint of it drying out throughout the week. On day one, I made a small mark on a simple sheet of white ruled paper. Each subsequent day, I went back around the same time to put another mark on the paper, leaving the cap off the entire week. As you can see from the photo, below, the final results definitely put my skepticism to rest.

I have to admit, I was pretty astounded that there wasn't even a hint of fading or drying throughout the week. In fact, the ink looked even darker on day seven. Even with the cap off for a week, the marker remained like new. Pretty amazing, huh?!

Of course, I can't forget to mention that the entire set conveniently comes in this nifty plastic carrying case, which is great for easy storing or for taking on the go. Not only does each marker snap into place inside, but two latches close on each side to ensure that the case is completely locked and closed, so nothing falls out.

Now I have learned that sometimes the term "washable" doesn't always mean that it can get on anything and everything, and immediately wash right out. We use a lot of different types of washable markers–some brands may wash the ink right off of our hands, but linger on surfaces a bit longer, while others remain on our hands longer, but wash right off of surfaces. We've found that this particular brand does have a tendency of lingering on both our hands and surfaces for longer than expected. Now this could be irrelevant if you have older kids or adults using these, since they're more likely to not have an issue with messes, whereas a younger child who is still practicing their fine motor skills when it comes to coloring, may make more of a mess. Luckily after some experimentation, I came to my own conclusion that the key is to wash it off immediately. We waited until our projects were done to get it off of our hands and work table. By then it took about a day of continuous washing to really get the marks completely off. On the other hand, there was one day where I had accidentally got a tiny amount of green marker on our dining room table cloth. I immediately grabbed my homemade vinegar cleaner, and started vigorously dabbing it with a dry cloth and it actually came right out.


We've been recently doing a preschool study on color theory. Rather than going over the same old basic colors that my son's been doing for years, I wanted him to gain a real understanding of how certain colors are formed, including a little refresher on primary verses secondary colors. A lot of our activities have to do with color wheels (the natural progression into each hue), rainbows (an extension of a weather unit study that we're also doing), and mixing two colors to create a new one. The Magic Stix have become quite the handy set of tools for some of the activities in our lessons.

We made a basic color wheel showing both primary and secondary colors using paper plates and the Magic Stix. I cut six wedges from a plain white paper plate and let my son color each one. He then glued them onto a whole paper plate in the correct order of progression.

The different hues of the same color in the Magic Stix 24-pk, will also help when we further expand the color wheel to include tertiary colors like yellow-orange and blue-green.

Here's a fun rainbow craft that my son also did for our color theory/weather unit lessons:

All in all, I really like these markers, and if you have children who have a tendency of misplacing caps or forgetting to put them back on, then the Magic Stix Washable Markers are definitely the set to get for them. I honestly didn't believe it until I put them to the full test, myself. Throw in the fact that they're non-toxic, odorless, offer an assortment of different hues in bright and bold colors, and come in a convenient carrying case–let's just say you have a high-quality collection of markers that are an asset to any child's (or even adult's) art supply closet.

The Pencil Grip, Inc. has also generously offered to supply a second set of Magic Stix Washable Markers for a giveaway! One Our Everyday Harvest reader will receive a 24-pack!

 Magic Stix Markers Giveaway

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