Children's Books That Center on the Love Between a Mother and Child

Mother's day is just around the corner. What a special time to celebrate those special moms everywhere! I've always enjoyed reading, but after my son was born, that enjoyment only multiplied, particularly because I now have a little partner to snuggle up with while enjoying a good book.

With the upcoming Mother's Day holiday, I thought it would be fun to share a round-up of our favorite children's books to celebrate the day. Each of these books offer a little something different, but all of them have one thing in common–they all center around the love between a mother and her child. I can't think of a better way to spend the day, then cozying up on the couch with my child as we enjoy one (or more) of these adorable books.

There are so many ways in which a mother bear shows her love, and her little cub shares all of them in this endearing story that celebrates the love between a mom and child through the eyes of a bear family. I am such a fan of Polona Lovsin's artwork. We have several books illustrated by her and they are all so beautiful!

A mother deer and her fawn enjoy a day of frolicking in the woods. Mama gives her little one freedom to enjoy her independence, but the fawn is frequently reminded that her mother will also be right there whenever she needs her. This is a beautiful picture book with lovely illustrations. My son also enjoys when I make a cutesy voice as I read the baby deer's lines.

In my humble opinion, of all the jobs in the world, none is more rewarding than being a mother to my son. This book celebrates the special role of being a mom, and how no other career or life adventure can compare to it.

An endearing story that will tug at your heartstrings. A little bear begins to wonder how strong a mom's love can really be. He gives his own mother scenario after scenario to find out the answer, "Will You still love me if...?" Each response that the mother bear gives, is only proof that nothing will ever change her love for her baby cub.

This one always gets me feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. A mother bear and her cub are out on an adventure in the woods. Throughout their travels the cub has some worries and concerns, but his mother gives him the reassurance that she will always be there to hold his hand. This is such a simple, yet sentimental story to confirm that a mother's love for her child will always be there. 


This is another book that's so special, because it reminds me of how much I longed to be a mother before having my son, praying for him night and day. After he was born, my prayers for him only became stronger and more frequent throughout each stage in his life. This book tells of a mother bear and how she continuously prays for her cub. Beginning from before he was born up until his first day of school, her baby boy is covered in her prayers. The book even comes complete with small prayers that moms can recite with their children.

We've had this book since my son was a wee little one, and it never gets old. The story follows a series of woodland creatures. Each page shows a young animal asking their mother, "Do you love me?" Each mother creature responds with an endearing answer to confirm their love for their little one. One of the things that I really love about this book is the poetic prose throughout, especially when it comes time for each mother creature to answer their youngling (I love you as the oak tree loves you, tall and strong beside you, giving you the world to see all around).


All mothers are different, and this is especially the case when you compare animals to humans. From making sweet treats like a bee makes honey, to giving big hugs as if you were an octopus wrapping your eight arms around your child–there are many different ways to be the "right" kind of mommy, and the mother in this story enjoys sharing some of them with her daughter.

I couldn't forget to add in a story from the famous Bear family! They're at it, again. This time trying to come up with all kinds of ways in which they can honor their mother for the Mother's Day holiday. They also reflect on the special roles that moms play in all of our lives.


This is a precious story about a family of bears, each one just a little bit different than the other. Although there are both mama and papa bears in this, I thought it would a good one to add to this list, since it still revolves around the love between a parent and child. This particular story is a nice one that teaches little ones that the love between parents and children is unconditional, and that there doesn't always have to be a specific reason for it...just because.

Here's a popular title from the Beginner Books series inspired by Dr. Seuss. I remember enjoying this story quite a bit when I was a child. Fast forward today, and now my son and I have fun reading this together. A mother bird realizes that her eggs will be hatching soon, so she leaves the nest to go forage for extra food. While she is gone one of the eggs hatches and a baby bird is soon found looking for his mother. He goes on a journey to find his mom, but since he doesn't know what she looks like, he thinks every creature he meets along the way is his mother.


A mother bunny is preparing her little bunny for bedtime. They both reflect on the amazing day that they had, and the new adventures that await the next day. This is such a sweet tale that shares the endearment between a mommy bunny and her little one, and the love between them. 

What mom doesn't love hugs from their child? This story will have you snuggling up with the kiddos, giving hug after hug, as you read all about the different kinds of hugs a mama whale, sheep, caterpillar, etc. can give to their own little ones. We love the beautiful illustrations in this one. My son's favorite, of course, is the whale! 

God's love reaches the sky! Mommy bunny swings her baby bunny really high, so he can reach it, too. This one is an uplifting story about the special ways a mother loves her child, and how God loves the both of them very much.

Bedtime might signal the end of the day, but there's still much fun to be had. Moms can make it extra special for their little ones in their own way. This story follows a mama and baby otter as they reflect on all the fun they had that day, while also winding down for a good night's rest.

Another precious bedtime story that shares the special ways in which each mommy animal puts their little ones to sleep. Little baby bunnies round up into mom's cozy fur, while a colt nuzzles up to a mother mare in a soft bale of hay. This one definitely warrants a snuggle fest with the little ones!

Children's Books That Center on the Love Between a Mother and Child

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