Children's Books That Center on the Love Between a Father and Child

Father's Day will be here before we know it! This is a special time of year to celebrate all the dads out there. With the upcoming holiday, I thought it would also be nice to share a collection of some of our favorite children's books to celebrate the day. There's something extra special about watching dads read to their children. I know I always enjoy watching my husband read to our son.

Each of these books has a little something special to offer, but all of them have one thing in common, and that is the fact that they center around the love between a father and his child.

This book is based on the popular Disney movie and is one of our absolute favorites! If you haven't seen this movie, then you're missing out. It's a really good film to watch with the kids, and the book offers a summarized version of the tale. The storyline revolves around a father clownfish named Marlin, who's on a mission to find his son, Nemo, after he was snatched out of the water by a diver. He travels halfway across the ocean to find Nemo and receives a little help from his new friend, a blue tang named Dory, as well as a few other sea creatures he meets along the way. This book focuses on the love between a father and son, and the father's dedication to bring him back home, no matter the risk.

Here's a fun one for sports fans! Part of the Little Golden Book collection, this book shares a day in the life of a father and son, taking part in a few fun pastimes, such as watching football on television together and then going outside to play a good old game of it.

Mr. Bear is a mail carrier who leaves the house every day to deliver mail. This makes Little Bear sad, since he'd rather have his father home to spend time with him. Even though Mr. Bear can't spend the day with his child, he promises that he'll bring back something extra special to make up for the lost time. The surprise turns out to be even better than he would have imagined. This is an adorable picture book with precious illustrations that shares the importance of togetherness.

A father squirrel and his child enjoy a day out in the woods to play. Little Squirrel has plenty of ideas on what games they can play and isn't afraid to take the lead. Of course, if Little Squirrel is ever in need of some help, Daddy Squirrel is always right there for him. This is another cherished read in our home library that we always enjoy reading together. It has beautiful illustrations and shares the special bond between a father and child. We also have the Mommy version of this book that offers a similar heartwarming storyline.

Here's a fun Dr. Seuss read that's not to be missed. Horton is an elephant who agrees to watch a mother bird's egg while she goes on vacation. When the bird never returns, Horton remains faithful to his promise, never leaving the egg out of his sight no matter what happens. There's even a funny twist once the egg finally hatches! While Horton is not the biological father, he was there the whole time to care for the egg, even sitting on it to keep it warm. This is a great choice for all children, because it's a really fun book to read. It would also make a wonderful selection for families who have adopted, since it shows that love endures and has no restrictions or limits.

Since we're talking about books that center on the love between a father and child, of course I can't forget to mention our Father in heaven, above. We own plenty of books that center around God's love, but this picture book is one that definitely comes to mind. Little Tucker is a bear who wants to help his friends in trouble, so he goes out on a journey to see the King with the hopes that he could help them. Tucker soon finds out that the King can help and provide them with so many things beyond ever imagined, because He is a good father who is faithful and loves His children with all of His heart.

This book has a similar storyline to the Good Good Father picture book, only it's compressed into a simple and easy to read board book. It's the perfect companion to the picture book, but specially designed for much younger children in mind. Little ones will learn all about what a good, good father is and how much He loves us all!

This is a precious story about a family of bears, each one just a little bit different than the other. Although there are both mother and father bears in this, I thought it would a good one to add to this collection, since it still revolves around the love between a parent and child. This particular story is a nice one that teaches little ones that the love between parents and children is unconditional, and that there doesn't always have to be a specific reason for it...just because.

My son just loves when my husband reads this to him, because he enjoys it when he acts out the storyline. Baby Loon is afraid of taking his diving lessons and suddenly gets lost in the midst of everything. With a little bit of practice and remembering all of the encouragement from Papa Loon, he soon pushes on to be back under his father's wing, again.

When I think of children's stories that revolve around a father and child, Guess How Much I Love You always comes to mind. This precious series of books (and now animated shows) follows around a brown bunny and his father as they go about their day to day activities with other woodland creature friends. We have both of these books in an adorable gift box, A Nutbrown Hare Storybook Pair. In When I'm Big, Little Nutbrown Hare enjoys all the new wonders of spring, tiny acorns that will soon grow into trees, tadpoles that will become frogs, and eggs that will hatch to release baby birds. As he ponders all of these things, he asks his father what he will be when he gets big. In Colors Everywhere, Little Nutbrown Hare and Big Nutbrown Hare enjoy taking turns picking out objects in various colors. When it comes time for Big Nutbrown Hare to answer what his favorite "brown" is, he comes up with the most heartwarming answer.

There are so many ways in which a father bear shows his love, and his little cub shares all of them in this endearing story that celebrates the bond between a father and child through the eyes of a bear family. We also own I Love You, Mommy. Both book are just beautiful with lovely illustrations and endearing prose to go along with the story.

This adorable children's board book follows around a father raccoon and his child as they go about their adventure-filled days with fun boat rides and games of hide and seek. They are constantly reminded that there are so many special ways a father can show how his love for his child, and how God also loves the both of them. This another heartwarming father/child book that you won't want to miss. There is also a version called God Loves Mommy & Me.

Winding down the end of the day doesn't mean the fun has to stop. Daddies can make it extra special. From bath time bubble fights to gazing at the stars, and special bedtime stories, there's still much fun to be had. This story follows a papa fox and his little fox as they reflect on all the fun they had that day, while also getting ready for a good night's rest.

Children's Books to Celebrate Father's Day!

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