Celebrate Independence Day with these Fun Patriotic Books for Kids!

Barbecues, apple pie, watermelon, and fireworks–these are just a few of the things that many folks enjoy on the Fourth of July. All of these are fun ways to celebrate, but there's nothing like reflecting on the true meaning of the holiday by honoring the Independence of our nation. 

There are plenty of ways for children to learn about the United States. Reading age-appropriate books that focus on American history is a wonderful way to go! Here are some recommended reads just in time for Independence Day!

A classic book that tells of the history and heritage of our country, and what Independence Day is all about.


A Fun hardcover picture book that offers the ABCs of the United States.


A collection of historical information to teach children why the U.S. Constitution was created.

You just got to love the Little Golden Book collection! Little ones will receive a lesson on the history of the American flag and it's significance.

An adorable little board book created to teach even the youngest of children all about Independence Day.

Another nice option for younger child. Follow Henry the bear around as he visits some of the most notable landmarks in the United States.

This is a simple and straight forward book that teaches children the Pledge of Allegiance. It's a nice little learning tool for kids.

A fantastic children's book that covers our National Anthem and includes descriptive illustrations to highlight the song, as well as other neat features such as a Francis Scott Key's original manuscript and even sheet music.

Follow around adorable woodland creatures as they thank God for all of the blessings and wonders of our country.

Part of the Night Before series this book almost resembles the traditional Night Before Christmas story–Twas' the night before, only this one is about prepping for all of the Independence Day festivities the next day.

I couldn't miss adding one from our favorite bear family. Join them as the cubs learn all about what Independence Day really means. 

A fantastic resource that covers tons of fun facts about each of the fifty states. This is perfect for extracurricular reading or as a lesson supplement for U.S. geography. There are even a few hands-on activities included. 

Includes plenty of fun, hands-on activities such as crosswords and decoder puzzles.

Join Corduroy the bear and the rest of the toy gang as they celebrate Independence Day.

I had to throw in one of our U.S. History favorites.This is actually an entire series of books (five total), but I am counting it as one selection here. I definitely recommend reading them all! These are chapter books that combine fictional characters with true events that had occurred. From the first settlers to the Revolution, these books will offer children a fun way to learn about American history

A great early reader book for younger children that explains the symbolism of the American flag.

Children can learn all about the history of the American Flag.

From sea to shining sea! We love the illustrations in this book. The story takes readers on a journey to share what America really is.

We love the What Is/Who Is series. This one looks back on the drafting of the Declaration of Independence, as well as the turn of events surrounding it.

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